3 Tricks to Schedule Tweets in Google Reader

I have heaps of interesting stories in my Google Reader and I want to tweet them all! If I start tweeting those links one after the other, my followers will be annoyed, so the best solution is to schedule those tweets. Actually, there’s no inbuilt feature in Google Reader to schedule tweets, but a small hack can make this possible.

#1. Google Reader + BufferApp

tweet reader

[]2It’s a well-known app for scheduling tweets and perhaps you don’t know it can schedule tweets even from Google Reader! You just need set the time when you want to tweet, add a couple of tweets to your buffer and it tweets at the right time for you automatically.

It also has browser extensions and a nifty bookmarklet to tweet instantly. To tweet a Google Reader story, just click the extension and the app retrieves the original URL of the article you’re viewing. Even if you aren’t so fond of extensions or bookmarklets, you can schedule tweets using this hack –

Now when you want to tweet or schedule an article, do look up the send to link which is present at the bottom of each story. Under send to drop down menu you’ll be able to see Buffer, click that to tweet the story you’re viewing.

#2. Google Reader + Hootsuite

tweet reader 1

#3. Google Reader + Timely

tweet reader 2

How does this work? (The Geeky part)

So next times while looking up great posts on Google Reader, make sure you schedule them if you want to space out your tweets so you avoid spamming your follower’s timeline. Do drop in your comments.

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