9 Year Old Indian become Microsoft’s Youngest Certified Professional!

microsoft-professional Just came across an article in Gizmodo wherein the story of the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional was flashed. It is really great to know that a 9 Year Old girl who have achieved the status of ‘Youngest Microsoft Professional’ is an Indian. As per sources, to become Microsoft Professional, one has to appear a very hard and competitive exam conducted by Microsoft and this exam is usually taken up by highly qualified computer experts. But it is really a pride for our nation to know that, the exam which is hard to be passed out even by some experts is being cracked out by a 9 Year old south Indian Girl. 🙂

Seems this is a new year gift for our country and everyone residing here should feel proud of it.

Image & News Credit: Gizmodo

6 Replies to “9 Year Old Indian become Microsoft’s Youngest Certified Professional!”

  1. Being a MCP myself, I know how ridiculous these exams are. Its nothing more than memory test. Ask this kid to write a simple C# program, you will know why I am being rude.

  2. Oh Common…Grow up guys. A 9 Yr old has achieved something that many of us plan to work on when we pass out of collage. Be good and appreciate what a little girl did. At her age she should be playing with other kids, but she worked hard and became an MCP which is something out of the box. Don’t be such a Wus.

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