Add Co-Owners to Orkut Communities

A great news for all orkut community owners. A recent feature from orkut will enhance security against community hijacking as well as loosing community when your account gets deleted or compromised.

This new feature let you add 2 co-owners beside 10 moderators.

Co-owners will have following powers…

Also when a community is transfered or deleted, any previous owner or co-owner within the last 15 days can assume ownership of the community by clicking on the ‘gain ownership’ link visible only to them. The owner or co-owner who had owned the community earlier will have priority for assuming ownership.

Steps To Add Co-owners

#Method 1: When you click on add co-owner link, you will be taken to a page where you can search community memebers by name and choose upyo 2 members to grant them co-owner privilege.

orkut comunity - Add co-owner link-2.jpg

orkut comunity - search co owner-1.jpg

#Method 2: Searching is little tedious and fancy profile names on orkut makes it more complicated. So better click on manage icon as highlighted below beside member names on community pages. It will open options specific to that members, where cilckin on grant co-owner privilege will make them co-owner.

This method is better in case you want to choose co-owners from moderators.

orkut community - Manage Member Link-1.jpg

orkut - Manage members - grant co-owner privilege-1.jpg

Finally if you really love your community and want to protect it anyhow, you can create a backup account on orkut and make your second profile co-owner.

(via Orkut Plus)

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