Aligning Images in RSS Feeds [How-to]

rss-icon3(2)If you are a web master owning one or more blog(s), then you must have surely come across the question on how to align images of your blog posts in RSS Feeds in the same way it appears on your blog. Then here is a plugin that would help you align images even in feed reader. :-)

Whenever any images are inserted on a post, then the alignment of the feeds does not appear in the same way it is being aligned on the post.

feed_image allignmentFor example, in the above image, you can view non-aligned image on the left hand part and on the right hand side, there’s an example of how aligned images would look like in feed reader. So, of course you as a feed reader will definitely like to read blogs as in the second case.

To do this, just install RSS Image Align Plugin for wordpress and you are done.  Hence forth all the images on feed reader would be aligned and would look same as in your blog posts.

Link: RSS Image Align Plugin

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