Apple iPhone 4S; on sale from October 14th [Leaked]

We still have time for the launch of Apple’s next iPhone that is iPhone 4S but we have some leaked official information that we got from Apple’s Japan website. The website already started showing that the iPhone will be available from 8:00 a.m on October 14th 2011. But there’s no other information about the phone and we have to wait for the event to start to know it’s features.

The translation in English is:

Featured Store Events
* iPhone 4S, appeared.*

The problem is that the website is in Japanese so date is the only information we got. You can check out their Japanese website here. Hopefully it will be launched in India soon but the Indian Apple Store’s website is still up and they are not updating it. Let’s wait for the event to start. :)

(via VGR)

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