Are We Allowed To Place Google Ads After Post Title?

Google Adsense no doubt is the best known service to earn money through blog/site. Almost all the bloggers use this service and most of them just register with AdSense without even reading their TOS.

I have seen a lot of Bloggers placing ads between post title and post body. Rahul also posted a tutorial for Blogger on Showing Ads After Each Post. This trick surely increases click through rate but are we violating Google’s TOS by placing ads after post title?

Recently, I read a post on Google Adsense Official Blog saying,

Ads shouldn’t be placed under a title or section heading in a way that implies that the ads are not ads.

They provided following screenshot. Have a look…

The image above clearly signifies what they are talking about and many bloggers still have placed ads using this format. As we all know that Google does not even warn before disabling account. So beware.

Update by Editor: If you still want to use place ment like above, you can put a line of text containing “ADVERTISEMENT” or “SPONSORED LINKS” in between Title and Adsense block. Still, this is something what big bloggers are doing and not what is clearly mentioned by AdSense. So go ahead at your own risk!

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10 Replies to “Are We Allowed To Place Google Ads After Post Title?”

  1. “Ads shouldn’t be placed under a title or section heading in a way that implies that the ads are not ads.”

    This line itself tells the fact… You should not misguide about ads. And in screenshot its totally valid that its kinda forging.

  2. Blogger does not support Google Adsense Ads in the middle of the blog post. But in that picture (from Google AdSense blog) they manage to do it. Thats pretty cool.

    I know simple hack can allowed that but I would like to know how Google manage to do it.

    May be I think if Blogger it self support the Ads in the middle of the post with the proper way it will solve this problem.

    For eg: I have notice that I cannot choose similar colors to text and back ground.

  3. Hey, I am new to adsense, but after reading this post I am a bit confused coz this post itself has ads after the title and no where I see ‘Advertisement’ or ‘Sponsored Link’. What I see is adsense block with the line below – ‘Ads by google’

    Can you plz throw light as to how does this works so accordingly I can implement the same on my blog.

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