Assigning Shortcuts for Searching Contents in Individual Domains [Firefox Tip]

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Many a times I need to search content only on a particular blog/site and visiting the same domain again and again becomes a tedious task. For example, while writing new posts for DW, I link back to my previous posts and I need to search only in Devilsworkshop’s search bar for this purpose as I need only the posts written here.

To make this task easy, couple of months ago, I found a cool trick (via my friend Dnyanesh) using which, you will not have to visit the domain again to search contents in it. You can assign shortcut, for example I have assigned “DW” for devilsworkshop search and whenever I need to search anything here, I just enter “DW” followed by a space and the search keyword. You too, can assign such shortcuts for searching contents in individual domain simply by following these simple steps! 😉

Steps for Assigning Search Shortcuts in Firefox:

That ‘s it, you will immediately land on DW’s search results page with the keywords you entered even without opening this blog! 😉

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