Some Tips To Follow Before Buying A Domain Name

Selecting a domain name is really a  tough job, if we select a domain name we should not buy it immediately rather follow the steps below . Though Rahul wrote a similar article few months back but this post contains some new points that you should follow.

1. Always remember that buy domain from trusted websites only. Below is a list of some trusted websites given by Google

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Enom
  3. Moniker
  5. 1and1
  6. Network Solutions
  7. Yahoo! Small Business
  8. My Domain
  9. Domain Direct

2. Do remember that do not buy domain from where you buy hosting. That’s because if by any chance your hosting company bans/deletes your site, you will loose your domain also.

3. First of all, before buying a domain name go to and check if the domain you chose existed in the past or not. Basically, is a wayback machine that tells you how the website looked in the past.

4. If there are zero results on then jump to point number 5. If its showing any results then you should check if your domain has any links in major search engines or not.

To check this go to Google and type site:you-site-address

If it shows zero results then its fine and if it shows some results then it means that the domain is not new to Google, there can exist a factor of Google Trust.

5. After search engines its time to check if your domain is banned from Google Adsense or not. Visit Adsense Sandbox and type your domain name and click on Show Google Ads. If the Google ad appears then your domain is not banned.

I hope these points will help you in finding a perfect domain name for your site.

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How To Set Yahoo Mail/Gmail As Default Email Client In Firefox

It happens a lot of times when we click on mailto: link and Outlook Express opens automatically. So below is a simple tutorial that will help you in changing the default Email Client from Outlook Express to your desired email client like Yahoo or Gmail. Lets start

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and at the top click on Tools >> Options

2. Now go to Applications tab and search for mailto

3. On the right hand side of Mailto you will see a drop down list that contains Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook Express. Select you desired option and click Ok.

4. If you want to set any other client, click on Use Other.. and browse the application and click Ok.

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10 Reasons Why Blogger Can Ban Your Blog

I got a lot of emails telling that Blogger Team deleted their blog without even giving them a single warning and without telling them the reason also. Prevention is better than cure, so its better to avoid some mistakes while creating a new blog. Here are some instruction for you, that you must follow in order to not to get ban from Blogger

  1. Pirated Stuff : Do not ever create a blog on pirated stuff like illegal software, cracks. Even giving links to download movies and games may lead to permanent ban.
  2. Porn Content : You Blog should not contain any type of porn content like images, videos etc
  3. Virus : Always download templates/themes for your blog from trusted websites. If your blog tries to install a virus, malware, spyware into visitors system, you will loose your blog forever.
  4. Spamming : Do not spam. By spamming I mean to say do not write same comments on different blogs. Do not spam on Social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook etc.
  5. Crude Content : Do not post graphics that can upset your readers i.e images of accident, behead videos etc.
  6. Threatening : If you threaten others through your blog, it may lead to immediate blog.
  7. Copying Content : Copying content from other sites will lead to permanent ban. So be careful. If you want, you can write a summary of the post in different words and then give the link to the original source.
  8. Linking to Porn : Even putting a link to any porn site will make your blog ban no matter if that link is no-follow or do-follow.
  9. Linking to Warez : Linking to warez or those website that promotes pirated stuff will get your blog deleted by Blogger Team
  10. Hate Content : You may get your blog ban by writing hatred or violent content also.

Source : Blogger Content Policy

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How To Enable/Disable Addons In Internet Explorer

While installing some applications, add-ons gets installed automatically in the browser. Everyone knows how to disable the add-ons in Firefox, but if you are using Internet Explorer and want to disable or enable any particular addon in Internet Explorer, here is a simple procedure to do that

  • First open Internet Explorer and the top click on Tools
  • In the tools, select Internet Options
  • Among different tabs, click on the Programs tab at the top

  • Here select Manage Add-ons

  • Here you can enable or disable any of the add-on. Simply, click on the add-on that you want to enable to disable  and at the bottom select Enable/Disable and then click on Ok.

  • Restart your browser and you are done !

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How To Edit/Remove Mobile Phone Number From Yahoo Messenger

Recently I changed my mobile number and wanted to update it on Yahoo Messenger. I explored all the options and at last found the way to edit or remove it. If by any reason want to change or remove your number, here is a step by step tutorial to do that.

1. First sign in to Yahoo Messenger

2. At the top click on Messenger and select Privacy Options

3. In the left hand side panel, at the top, click on General

4. Now in the right hand side panel, at the bottom, click on Edit Mobile Phone or simply hit P from your keyboard

Note : If you do not have Yahoo Messenger follow this link and sign into your Yahoo account

5. After visiting Yahoo Mobile page, click on Edit at the right hand side.

6. If you want to completely remove your mobile number, clear the text box and select Change and if you to change your number, enter the new number and click on Change

7. Another way to completely remove your mobile number is to select the Delete option on the first Yahoo Mobile page

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Get a Chance To Win Rapidshare Premium Account : Giveaway

We are very happy to announce exclusive contest on Devils Workshop where the readers will get a chance to win a Rapidshare Premium Account valid for 2 months.

How to enter the contest

Follow the two steps below to participate in this contest

  • Tweet about this contest on Twitter. Just “tweet” the following from your Twitter account

Win Rapidshare Premium Account

  • Write a comment with your full name and a valid email address. You comment should include link to the Twitter status.

When will the winner be announced

The winner will be announced on 10th October, 2009

How the winners will be selected ?

As usual, the winners will be selected via

Good luck to all !!

[Editor’s Note: The winner of the contest has been declared. Please read about the contest results here.]

5 Websites Worth Visiting

I’ve collected a list of 5 websites for you that are worth visiting and will be useful for you in one way or another. When I was an active stumbler I used to bookmark interesting and useful websites. Today I am sharing 5 websites from that collection. Enjoy them all !


It is one of my favorite website and I often use it. It  is an automated solution that will monitor your clipboard and store the data for you so you can later share or retrieve for yourself contents copied to your clipboard that otherwise would have been lost forever


This website will help you in increasing your typing skills so that you could become a more efficient and capable keyboard jockey. Choose basic levels and start typing.


Wink is a people search engine that makes it easy to find and connect with people online. Just type the first and fast name or username along with location and Wink will help you finding people by name and get their phone number, address, Websites, photos, work, school, more.

Spoken Text

As the name suggests, it is an online text to audio converter that speed up learning and lets you get more done in less time.


A very fast dictionary. Just type a word and it will display the result in no time.

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Top 10 Most Wanted Magazine Style Blogger Templates

Blogger is one of my favorite free blogging platform. It has helped me a lot to understand the term “blogging”. I, myself used Blogger for than a year and designed few templates also. I had a very good experience with it. My today’s post focuses on Blogger and I am going to share Top 10 most used Magazine Style Blogger Templates. I hope you will like the list.

Hybrid News

This original theme is designed by Hybrid and Bloggerized by Free Blogger Template. Click here for the demo and download links


A wonderful design that is converted to Blogger by Blog and Web. Visit for the demo here and if you like it you can download it here


Arthemia is a WordPress theme originally designed by Michael Jubel and Bloggerized by ThemeLib. Click here for the installation instructions, demo and download links

Zinmag Remedy 2.0

A very creative design by Falconhive. This is the second version of Zinmag Remedy which is SEO fixed and 99% widgetized. Click here for instructions, demo and download links

Turn Out Mag

Turn Out Mag is originally a WordPress theme by ChiQ Montes and is Bloggerized by BloggerTricks. Click here for demo and download links

Schemer Mag

Original design by ChiQ Montes and converted to Blogger by BloggerTricks. Click here for demo and download links


Plantilla Magazeen is originally a WordPress theme designed by WeFunction. Its converted into Blogger by ZonaCerebral. Click here for the demo link. Follow this link for instructions and download link.
Note : The instruction page above is in Spanish, so you can use Google Translate to translate it in your desired language.


One of the most wanted Blogger templates in the blogosphere. The original designer of this theme is Jinsona Design and is converted to Blogger by Cahaya Biru. For download and demo links click here


A simple yet attractive design by TemplatesNovoBlogger. Click here for demo and download links.

The Latest Magazine

The Latest blogger template has magazine style with mini post at homepage. It was originally designed as a WordPress theme by WP Theme Designer and is converted to Blogger by Anshul. Click here for demo and download links.

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How To Convert PSD To WordPress : Top 9 Useful Tutorials

As told before, this month I’ll be sharing tutorials on Photoshop, so if you are interested in designing WordPress themes then I have a great list of some tutorials that will help you in converting your PSD theme to WordPress. These tutorials will help you in creating your first professional WordPress theme.

From PSD to HTML, Building a Set of Website Designs Step by Step

A complete tutorial that explains you how to create HTML templates from PSD files and then how to convert them to WordPress themes

How To Create WordPress Themes From Scratch

Learn how to create WordPress themes from scratch, the tutorials are divided in three parts that will topics of Structuring, designing in Photoshop, slicing, coding into fully CSS based html, and finally WordPress implementation

Create website from Photoshop to WordPress with Divine

Divine is a free software for Windows with which you can create WordPress themes in three steps

  • Open PSD file in Photoshop click on Divine at the top
  • Assign all WordPress elements in turns
  • Specify FTP parameters and upload your theme on web

PSD to CSS to WordPress

A detailed tutorial that will tell you how to convert our PSD file into a working CSS template and then to convert over to WordPress

Converting PSD to WordPress Theme

This tutorial will tell you how the WordPress theme works and it will be easy for you to design the template

Theme Development

The official WordPress site, that explains you all the secrets of WordPress theme designing

PSD to WordPress Series

In this series, PSD to WordPress you will learn how to design a Mockup in Photoshop, then code it for WordPress

Free Bloopress WordPress Theme Design Tutorial with Source (PSD/xHTML/CSS/Wordpress)

Well this tutorial is a bit different from the tutorials given above, this tutorial is written assuming that you have built and coded into CSS/XHTML and you want to change it over to a WordPress Theme

From Photoshop to WordPress

This tutorial is divided into 3 parts, the first one shows us how to create a design in Photoshop that will be used in Part two to create xhtml/css and in Part three to customize a WordPress Blog

A lot more to come on Photoshop, keep visiting 🙂

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