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  1. Facebook overtakes MSN and becomes Britain’s Second ‘most used’ website
  2. 6 Million Users Unfriend Facebook!
  3. Facebook Reveals The Most Popular Time For Breakups
  4. More than 50% Americans are on Facebook
  5. South Carolina Considers Banning Social Media Behind Bars
  6. Chat with your Facebook friends on Yahoo!
  7. FIR lodged against Facebook for Disrespecting Hindu Gods
  8. Photowall Android app to Make your Facebook friend’s pictures into a live wallpaper
  9. New App to Delete drunken messages on Facebook and Twitter
  10. What do you think of Facebook Books & Stationary
  11. [New Study] :Regular Facebook Users Lonely, Narcissistic
  12. Mark Zuckerberg no Longer Single !
  13. What if Gabbar Singh was on Facebook ?
  14. Facebook Credits come to India
  15. Rcom launches new Facebook mobile Application
  16. Ask a Question: Facebook Relaunches it’s Feature
  17. Share music on Facebook with Shazam
  18. Facebook Deletes 20,000 Underage user’s Profile Everyday!
  19. Facebook Testing new Friend Requests!
  20. Facebook Joins about and Info Tab into one, on Facebook Page
  21. Facebook admits the Need to Improve their Policies!
  22. Facebook testing Check-ins for Events!
  23. Facebook Places comes to Middle East!
  24. Shahrukh Khan joins Facebook !
  25. Facebook Bans Sale Of Mark Zuckerberg Doll
  26. Facebook stands 4th in ComScore’s Online Video Rank
  27. Facebook adds another Googler to the list!
  28. Why the new Commenting System is bad for you !
  29. The Longest Facebook Wall in the World !
  30. Facebook Removes the Comment button!
  31. Pope John Paul II gets a Facebook Page
  32. Zynga: Farmville Game developers open office in India
  33. Facebook Commerce Will Rise Sixfold By 2015
  34. Japanese Tsunami RAW Tidal Wave Footage – New Facebook Scam
  35. Tag friends in a Facebook Comment, now!
  36. Eminem overtakes Michael Jackson on Facebook
  37. What if Harry Potter was on Facebook ?
  38. Zynga enables Tsunami Relief fund through Facebook Games!
  39. Facebook’s 6 Founders and Investors in Forbes billionaire list’2011
  40. Study: Women are more Image conscious on Facebook
  41. Did you know there is a Global Disaster Relief page on Facebook ?
  42. Facebook rolls out anti-bullying tools with White House support
  43. Facebook gets a dedicated Keyboard !
  44. Mark’s dog Beast, makes a famous Chinese blogger angry!
  45. Warner Bros. about to rent Movies via Facebook
  46. A car that reads Facebook updates !
  47. Facebook Insights get Real time analytics
  48. Facebook page for Mark Zuckerberg’s Dog, Beast
  49. Zynga planning to bring Angry birds into Facebook
  50. Facebook prompting to change the language of Profile page
  51. Facebook,Twitter, Gmail: The Bermuda traingle of Social networkng
  52. Facebook is Friends with Group Messaging Service Beluga
  53. iPhone gets Facebook Friendly app-Skyfire 3.0
  54. Bold text creator Application on Facebook
  55. Facebook is used by 30 million people in the UK
  56. Facebook Displaces Yahoo For Display Ad Revenue
  57. Facebook continues to Share Personal information to App Developers
  58. Facebook to blame 1 in 5 divorces in the US
  59. Palestinians try to Create ‘Facebook revolution’
  60. Campaign to Switch off Facebook for Earth Hour
  61. Generate your Unique friend map on Facebook using My Friend Map application
  62. Facebook upgraded its Privacy Policy
  63. The Social Network movie got 3 Oscars !
  64. Crush Notifier: A new application by the maker of Breakup Notifier
  65. ‘Most stupid criminal ever’ on Facebook
  66. American Idol Now Lets Fans Vote Through Facebook
  67. Facebook For BlackBerry v2.0 Images Leaked!
  68. Togetherville: Facebok for Children
  69. Bing now displays Results according to Facebook Likes
  70. Eminem overtakes Lady Gaga on Facebook
  71. Breakup Notifier: The stalking Application is Shutdown by Facebook
  72. Facebook hires Google’s Head of Sales
  73. How to use bold/Underlined fonts in Facebook chat
  74. Breakup Notifier- Creepiest Facebook App Ever!
  75. Chinese Facebook- Renren about to win the IPO race
  76. The Mark Zuckerberg Comic Book Has Arrived, finally!
  77. Another Irritating Facebook Feature!
  78. Facebook Places now in India !
  79. Young Egyptian names his daughter ‘Facebook’
  80. 5 Ways to Irritate people on Facebook
  81. Government now monitoring the Social Networking sites!
  82. Facebook Broadens Relationship Status !
  83. Facebook earned $600 million Profit in 2010
  84. Facebook Rolled out new Photo Feature, Finally!
  85. Women upload 200% Photographs than Men on Facebook
  86. Incrediland: New game to Keep you hooked on to Facebook
  87. Facebook Sim card released!
  88. How did Facebook celebrate Valentine’s day ?
  89. MySpace officially joined Facebook !
  90. Facebook Messages to be made available to All
  91. Valentine’s Day Spam spread on Facebook
  92. Facebook :Hard to Quit
  93. Top 5 Types of Facebook Users
  94. [Stats] 79% Growth in Total minutes Spent on Facebook
  95. Face of Egypt’s protests Ghonim says “Thank you Facebook”
  96. Facebook Pages get a Makeover !
  97. Facebook Users share Ghonim’s happiness
  98. [Stats] 48% of young Americans find out News through Facebook
  99. Mark Zuckerberg being Stalked by an Indian
  100. The Social Network movie releasing again!
  101. Facebook Inc. shifting it’s Office
  102. Scam: I was online for xyz hours on Facebook in 2010
  103. Study: Relation between Eating disorders and Facebook
  104. Facebook Event on 8 Feb: Are you Invited ?
  105. [Funny Study] What comments should you leave on Facebook
  106. Don’t Click on Account verification on Facebook
  107. Thank you Facebook: Egypt !
  108. How To Enable Secure Browsing (HTTPS) on Facebook by Default
  109. New Feature: Suggest your Photos to Friends on Facebook
  110. [Security Alert] Facebook Profile pictures stolen !
  111. Mazda offers 20% Discount on Facebook Deals
  112. [Facebook] Mark Zuckerberg’s baby turns 7 Today
  113. Free Facebook access in Flight !
  114. [Stats] 7.9 Registrations per second on Facebook in 2010
  115. Facebook Launching new Commenting system
  116. Facebook Wins $360.5 million Against Spam
  117. The Truth about Facebook that we Ignore
  118. T-Pain gets Facebook Tattoo on his body
  119. [Funny] Facebook at the Time of World War II
  120. Superman’s Social network Nightmare-Facebook!
  121. Facebook denies Launching any Cell Phone
  122. Facebook updates Application roles and Security features for Developers
  123. Man sues Facebook for Disabling his Account
  124. [Interesting App] Refresh your Facebook Status memories with Archivedbook
  125. Do you think Facebook should have “I don’t know you Button”
  126. Facebook Launching its First Cell phone-True or False?
  127. Facebook Testing Secure Login and Picture CAPTCHA
  128. Was Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile Hacked?
  129. [New Feature] Can you have a Voice chat on Facebook now?
  130. Facebook Credits compulsory for Game Developers
  131. How many Times do you Check Facebook ?
  132. The Social Network gets 8 Nominations at Oscars 2011
  133. Do you think Facebook is a Jail ?
  134. [Facebook Fact] Posts on Saturdays get maximum Likes
  135. Another Fake app “How addicted are you on Facebook”
  136. [Scam Alert] Stay Away from Profile Stalkers application
  137. [Status Scam] Girl expelled From school when she Updated her Status on Facebook
  138. Now login to Flickr using your Facebook account
  139. Snaptu – the Facebook experience Redefined !
  140. [New Scam] How many Times your Profile was Viewed!
  141. Facebook disables Personal Information access to Developers
  142. 3 Bugs in Facebook Chat
  143. Look up, Like and Share your favourite status messages with ‘likethisstatusand’
  144. [Privacy threat] Facebook applications can Access your Home address and Phone number
  145. Facebook nearing 600 million Users!
  146. Facebook wants To know Where do You live
  147. Facebook game Kills a child!
  148. Predict your Day with Facebook according to Zodiac Sign
  149. Facebook telling Memorable Status of 2010
  150. Facebook’s Friend Requests shifted Left!
  151. Facebook Chart which shows Who Owns What !
  152. Twins want More from Facebook
  153. Facebook to Switch all Users to the New Profile Layout
  154. [New Feature]Deleting Awaiting Friend Requests become easy on Facebook
  155. Facebook breaks it’s Photo Upload record
  156. Facebook is Not going to Shut down!
  157. Facebook closing down on March 15: Real or Hoax ?
  158. 10 Facts about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg
  159. Facebook is the Fastest Social Network
  160. Chrome Extension to Change the Background of your Facebook login Page.
  161. How to Know your First Status Message on Facebook
  162. [Solved] How to Remove annoying Spam messages From your Facebook Profile
  163. [Solved] Why Facebook does Not allow You to Write some Comments
  164. [BUG]Facebook not Allowing to Post comments on Photo
  165. [Solved]How to Get your Old Facebook Profile Layout
  166. Facebook getting Serious about Account Protection in 2011
  167. Twitter refused Facebook’s Friend Request in 2008
  168. rtBlogs Network Launches a new Blog: CultAffair
  169. Facebook Tops the List of 10 most visited Websites of The Year 2010
  170. Unmerge your Merged Places Facebook Page
  171. Comparison of User Statistics of Facebook and Twitter in 2010
  172. How to make a Creative Photo Profile on Facebook
  173. Facebook’s Value more than Yahoo and eBay
  174. Interesting Fact: Popular Facebook users have Bigger Amygdalas
  175. Facebook overtakes Google on Christmas Day
  176. Facebook overtakes Yahoo and Becomes World’s Third Largest Website
  177. Facebook study: How Status Updates affect Popularity on Facebook
  178. Latest Changes in Facebook’s chat Feature
  179. How would you Celebrate Christmas this year?
  180. CityVille Overtakes Farmville on Facebook
  181. How to Make your Friend list Private
  182. Facebook Removed “Share” Button From All Websites
  183. Facebook makes changes to News Feed Filter Options
  184. TripAdvisor gets Facebook’s Instant Personalization
  185. Facebook working on 4 New Features
  186. Privacy Alert: Facebook wants your Phone Number!
  187. Facebook Inc. plan to Buy 15 Small Companies in 2011
  188. Improved Game Requests Notification on Facebook
  189. Is Facebook turning into Spambook?
  190. Facebook Testing new Notifications Feature
  191. Facebook makes Registration simpler on Websites
  192. Yahoo: Delicious not to be closed but up for sale
  193. Facebook Down again!
  194. Facebook Inc. Likely to Generate $2 Billion Revenue in 2010
  195. Mark Zuckerberg is TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year
  196. Photo Tagging made Easy on Facebook
  197. Survey: Best Place to Work is Facebook
  198. Top 10 Status trends of the Year 2010 on Facebook
  199. Facebook Friendships on World Map
  200. Hackathon Cup 2011 – Official Facebook Event For Hackers!
  201. My year in Status on Facebook-[Application]
  202. CityVille-Fastest growing Zynga’s new Game on Facebook
  203. 5 Ways to Keep Track of Facebook
  204. PostPost – Real-Time Social Newspaper on Facebook[Application]
  205. 5 Ways to Find your old Friends on Facebook
  206. How To Play Facebook Number Game
  207. Facebook Rolled Out New Profile Designs [Screenshots]
  208. How To Block Messages from Strangers on Facebook [Privacy Settings Tip]
  209. Will Cartoon Pictures on Facebook Profile stop Child Abuse!
  210. Facebook App to Get MBA from London School of Business and Finance
  211. 20 Facts About Facebook You Must Know
  212. [How to] Identify Spam on Facebook
  213. [How to] Tag photos on Facebook faster
  214. Cartoon characters as profile pictures go viral on Facebook
  215. [How to]Make Facebook your homepage
  216. New changes in Facebook’s “Add as Friend” & Chat Feature
  217. [How to]Find your tagged photographs on Facebook
  218. Facebook gets patent for english word ‘Face’
  219. PhotoZoom-Firefox Add-on to enlarge photos on Facebook
  220. CityVille-New game by Zynga on Facebook
  221. ‘Like’ all status updates on your Facebook Wall in one click
  222. Phrases-the top social application on Facebook
  223. Facebook removes Google contact import facility
  224. Games notification relocated on Facebook
  225. Use your Facebook ID to login to MySpace
  226. Block advertisements on your Facebook wall
  227. Facebook has a total win over MySpace
  228. Jimmy Kimmel declares today is Unfriend Day on Facebook
  229. It’s official! Facebook has Email
  230. Will we get email from Facebook
  231. Funny spelling mistakes on Facebook and Twitter [Video]
  232. [How to] Add emoticons in your Facebook chat
  233. [How to] Use Yahoo emoticons on Facebook
  234. 5 reasons RockMelt makes Facebook rock!
  235. [How to] Get back old Facebook Fonts
  236. Share interesting status updates on Facebook: Status Shuffle
  237. How to change your Facebook layout
  238. Facebook testing smaller fonts!
  239. Facebook allows filtering updates from friends and pages
  240. Facebook feature to spy on common friends
  241. How to celebrate Halloween on Facebook
  242. Use unfriend finder to keep a check on Facebook friends
  243. How to have a cool status update on Facebook
  244. 15 Tips for a great Facebook Page
  245. How to get free Facebook credits?
  246. Check 5 things before you update your Facebook status
  247. How to write a professional Resume in 2 minutes?
  248. How to master Farmville on Facebook?
  249. Top 5 sites to create ASCII Art for Facebook
  250. 5 great GreaseMonkey Scripts for your Facebook accounts
  251. How to have an upside down status update on Facebook
  252. How to enhance your Facebook account
  253. How to unblock the applications
  254. How to get large images on Facebook
  255. How to highlight birthdays on Facebook
  256. Skype gets Facebook integration
  257. Bing search gets social with Facebook
  258. How to add a color scheme to your Facebook account
  259. Facebook getting more secure with one time password
  260. [How to] use Linked Accounts with Facebook
  261. Facebook is Third Largest Country in The World!
  262. Indian Railways now on Facebook
  263. Facebook co-founders donated $1,70,000 to “Legalize Marijuana”
  264. Friend Shuffle challenges StumbleUpon
  265. Pictionary for Facebook
  266. Facebook Photo Albums get a makeover
  267. Gurgaon Police launches a Facebook Page
  268. Download all your Facebook details in a .zip file
  269. Now control what you share on Facebook
  270. Facebook down again!
  271. How does Facebook manage its user’s data?
  272. Facebook Page Stories get a new look
  273. How to get a cleaner Facebook Wall
  274. Get ready for a Facebook Instant Search now
  275. How to delete awaiting Friend Request
  276. The Facebook story in a theatre nearby
  277. Gamers guide to avoid Facebook ban
  278. WpNginx service for WordPress
  279. How Facebook can lead to robbery
  280. Scribd gets Facebook personalization
  281. Discover Facebook Pages with a new layout
  282. Get ready for a Face-phone
  283. Facebook Games Notifications get a makeover
  284. Facebook phone- Yes or No?
  285. Get a secure Two Step Authentication login for Google Apps
  286. Ignore requests and report them as spam on Facebook
  287. Movie Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes get Facebook touch
  288. How cool is ‘Face Recognition’ by Facebook
  289. Facebook is testing Social Captcha
  290. How to block a group of friends from viewing your friend list on Facebook?
  291. Facicons turning into spam for Facebook!
  292. Photo promotion by Facebook is available site wide
  293. Download and Save Flickr album as PDF file
  294. Facebook moving ahead with its Search Results
  295. Will facebook’s new patent prove to be effective ?
  296. Facebook wants to own the english word ‘Face’
  297. Why do I prefer Facebook than Orkut?
  298. Use Static FBML for advanced options with Facebook page
  299. Sorority Life tips and tricks
  300. 12 steps to rock with Farmville