Surf smartly to reduce your monthly Broadband bill.

Often we have such situations when we are just about to reach our monthly limit of broadband and we limit our self to surf the world of internet in limited constraints. However we can surf smartly to reduce our monthly usage. Below are a few tips that may come handy.

1. Install Google chrome (dev version):

Install the dev version of Google chrome by clicking here.

2. Add  Flashblock extension:

It stops all the flash files before loading, so approximately 1mb pf data is saved on each website you visit. It blocks the flash and show a PLAY button so that if you really want to see that flash then you can resume it by clicking on that play button.

screenshot of fashblock
screenshot of fashblock

3. Install AdThwart extension:

We know that half of the bandwidth of any typical site is taken by those irritating ads. This extension blocks the ads before they load and save your bandwidth.





I will publish several other ways for the maximum productivity of your internet connection ,  so wait for my next post. Awaiting your comments 😀

Link Credits : Chrome

Trick to surf free on BSNL Dataone Night Unlimited Plan

I use BSNL dataone connection 500c plan, I was often wondering if there were any tricks that apply on the BSnl. One day I forgot to disconnect my BSNL connection after 8 am,which is the limit of free download time (2am-8am).

When in the evening I looked my usage detail I was surprised to know that I was not charged for using after 8am… so I started to use the trick, it can atleast extend your free download time upto 1/2 hour (I did not experiment beyond it).

If you want to extend the free download time. Here we go….

Just connect before one or two minutes before 8 am, and use till it get disconnected automatically or the link disappears. You will not be charged for it.

Here I am putting up a screenshot of my use.



Its just a trick and you should strictly avoid using such tricks as you may sometime end up getting a huge broadband usage bill.


[Editor Note: This a first post is by Prashant Vishwakarma. He is interested in mobile and internet hacks.

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