Search and Download free MP3 with Beemp3 on your browser

Search for any music track,song or music clip over the internet and listen to it online in your browser for free.

To search and listen to any music track available over the internet just follow some simple steps. (This only works in Google Chrome)

  • Go to and enter the track name or select from various options like Top mp3 or last 200 searches.
  • Then you will see a results page, on that page check for track length(small length tracks may be just a clips) and select the track(song) which you want to listen.

3.After this enter the captcha

and click on download (It won’t download in Google Chrome).

  • Now the track will open in the new browser tab and will automatically starts playing in browser audio player.

This way you can listen any track online in your browser for free. The audio takes less time to buffer so high speed internet access is not required.

If you really want to download the song/track,perform this process in any other browser and your track will download into your documents.

Link: Beemp3

Check if you can run a game on your PC with Online Tool

Sometimes you wonder before installing a game to your system whether it can run on your system or not. Here is a website to check the game’s compatibility on your system.

Can You Run It?

It is a special service by service is an online tool,using which you can check whether the game you brought from your friend or mate after installing will run on your system(computer) configuration or not.This works with Java and takes some time(not much justs a minute or less).

How to check whether you can Run a Game on your system

  1. Go to the Can You Run It? page.
  2. Type in the name of the game  to search or you can select the game from the list too.
  3. Then click on Can You Run It? button.
  4. After this the website will start analyzing your system for compatibility with the selected game. Click on run when your computer asks for allowing the java program to help the website analyze the system.
  5. After some time it will display a page showing the results,in which you will see all of your configuration results (which configurations passed to run the game and which failed).
  6. If any of the configuration fails then, you will not be able to run that game on your system.
  7. For failed configurations, the website provides some recommendations,you can check them.These recommendations will bring you to company websites from where you can buy the configuration(parts) [This step is not necessary].

Link: Can  You Run It?