Top 10 Keywords for Adsense

Adsense income is completely based on keywords. Search engine optimization with these keywords is very important. The top paying keywords contains more than 40000 and more which places a price bid of more than $1. Till now there are several bloggers who have developed a huge profit using the top keywords. It is said that in order to be a successful blogger, you need to have two things: top paying keywords and secondly, keywords which has less competition. There are many sites who provide the high paying keywords but all these are fake. If you want to search the top paying keywords just visit sktool site and search there.

Here is a list of top paying keywords:

  1. domains yahoo
  2. domain registration yahoo
  3. domain name yahoo
  4. yahoo web hosting
  5. benchmark lending
  6. personal yahoo
  7. mesothelioma information
  8. yahoo personal ads
  9. car credit yes
  10. law lemon ohio

Given below image is the list of top keywords. The list contains top 100 keywords. This stat is somewhat old. (Click on the image to enlarge it)


(Image credits: thetechnoclub)
(Source: sktool, digitalpoint)

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10 Worst Video Game Systems Till Now

video games

You will find maximum sites who rate for the best video game systems, but this site is different and unique. It shows the second site of the coin. Here are some of the worst video game systems till now.

  1. RCA Studio II:- The RCA Studio II was second game console in history to use interchangeable ROM cartridges. Unfortunately for RCA, the first and third game consoles in this category–the Fair child Channel F and the Atari VCS–worked much better.
  2. Tiger Telematics Gizmondo:- If there were ever a complete train wreck of a game console, Gizmondo would be it. But its tarnished name in the gaming world has as much to do with the audacious, profligate, and illegal behavior of Tiger Telematics’ executives as anything else. Well, that and a terrible game library.
  3. Tandy/Memorex VIS:- During the rush-to-multimediaenthusiasm of the early 1990s–prompted in part by the Philips CD-i platform–other manufacturers found the pitter-patter of little lemming feet irresistible. Tandy was among the companies that joined the multimedia procession, with its Video Information System (VIS)–essentially a lackluster knockoff of the already horrendous CD-i platform.
  4. Philips CD-i:- The Philips CD-i was in interesting idea: a CD-ROM-based consumer multimedia gaming/edutainment machine that would occupy a spot next to the VCR in the living room. Positioning the CD-i almost as a commodity device, Philips created new CD standards for its content and licensed the platform to other manufacturers.
  5. RDI Halcyon:- Released in limited quantities and priced at a credit-line-denuding $2500 (that’s the equivalent of $4954 in 2009 dollars), the RDI Video Systems Halcyon was destined for obscurity before it left the gate. Its entire purpose was to enable users to play branching laser disc video games similar to the 1983 arcade hit Dragon’s Lair (another RDI product) at home.
  6. Gakken TV Boy:- In 1983, Japan experienced a boomlet in home-grown game consoles, among which was this oddity, the Gakken TV Boy. Not too long after the TV Boy’s brief flowering, the Nintendo Famicom (the Japanese NES, also released in 1983) became a stunning success and swept most of its competitors out of the marketplace.
  7. Mattel Hyper scan:- The Hyper scan was a marketer’s dream–a product that incorporated video games and the game card collecting craze. For every Hyper scan game available on CD, Mattel also sold booster packs of paper trading cards, each card embedded with an RFID chip.
  8. Nokia N-Gage:- As the 21st century dawned, a new class of multiuse handhold devices entered the marketplace, including this console from Nokia. The N-Gage combined a cell phone and a handheld video game console into a single device that performed neither function very well. Nokia subsequently redesigned the N-Gage hardware to correct many of the original model’s mistakes.
  9. Tiger By the late 1990s, Tiger was well established as a maker of handhold electronic games. Every toy store had a cheap Tiger LCD handhold in stock, and it stood to reason that Tiger would eventually come out with a product to challenge Nintendo Game Boy preeminence in the handhold gaming universe.
  10. Apple Pippin:- Apple Computer designed Pippin as a “multimedia appliance” and licensed it to other companies for manufacture (Only Bandai and Katz Media signed on). Unfortunately, Apple’s new platform had a bit of an identity crisis: it was a game console, a Web-browsing network computer, and a multimedia player–but it did all of those tasks poorly. Our colleagues at Mac world actually named it one of the six worst Apple products ever (it came in at number three).

These details are collected from a large source.

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Top 10 Search Engines

search-enginesWhen you create a blog, the most important thing you do is, submit your blog in top search engines. Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors in bloggers.  Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.

Here is a short list of the search engines which will give you a good response:

  1. Yahoo!
  2. AOLNetfind
  3. Alta Vista
  4. Infoseek
  5. SearchMSN
  6. Lycos
  7. Excite
  8. Webcrawler
  9. HotBot
  10. Google

In the blogging world, we say that if your blog is being indexed in the above search engines at a good position, then you are a successful and an established blogger. As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

Links: Yahoo! | AOLNetfind | Alta Vista | Infoseek | SearchMSN | Lycos | Excite Webcrawler | HotBot |Google

(Image source: google)

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My experience: Moving from Windows to MAC


Hey guys! I recently bought MAC mini, and in this article I would really like to share my experience with you in transfer from Windows to MAC. I personally used windows since the time that one use to feel ms paint is great. At that time I had never thought that  I will use MAC sometimes. I also tried Linux, but the joy and satisfaction MAC gave me, windows and Linux were nowhere.

It was an old MAC mini which gave me 10.3 installed in it, but no wonder I had an upgraded version which I immediately gave a run. It took about 35 to 40 min to complete the installation. Then I had 10.4 Tiger. Many people who own what some call “Series A” Mac Minis have complained about the Mini being slow when they upgraded to 10.4 Tiger, but for me it seemed faster than before. .After the initial sweep of the desktop I promptly loaded the Disk Utility and formatted my external HDD to HFS+ so I could store applications on it, instead of using the 40GB internal HDD. If I hadn’t read the external HDD’s formatting for Mac OS X user guide, I probably would have spent a while searching for how to format the HDD.

5 cool features of MAC

  • All the applications have a single shared tool bar. This was difficult for me to use. Reason being a long lasting use of windows.
  • MAC allows any one to surf and check their mails due to the feature of Guest Log-In Accounts.
  • Take advantage of Text Edit support for the Word 2007 and Open Document formats for reading and writing.
  • Save the configuration of all your open windows as a workspace. The location, window settings, and shell configurations of multiple windows can then be recalled instantly.
  • Get yourself a .Mac account and your System Preferences can stay in sync across all your Macs. No matter what Mac you use, you’ll feel right at home.

Some more features

  • Application installation: For the vast majority of applications this involves double clicking on a *.dmg file (Disk Image); Mac OS X mounts the image as a drive and then you just drag the Application to the Applications folder, or in my case onto my External HDD. Un-installing involved dragging the application from the Applications folder to the Trash can, I personally prefer this over the Windows way of installing and un-installing applications, but that may be personal preference.
  • Things I liked in MAC: Firstly a DVD Player. I understand that Microsoft can’t include a CSS decoder in Windows because all the DVD software producers like Cyber link, etc would claim unfair business practices because it was decreasing the number of possible customers for their products, kind of like what happened with WMP in the EU.

I don’t know why people say that windows are the best when they have so many options available. If I have an option between windows and Linux, I would surely go for Linux. Reason being open source and I will get lot of things to learn from it. I admit windows is a user friendly OS but people should also explore.

  • GUI transition, what are my thoughts on the GUI? well I like it, being brought up on Windows, KDE and such I personally would have preferred a start menu approach but that’s basically because that’s what I’m used to, but finding applications in Finder isn’t all that difficult to get used to. In terms of adapting to the GUI, I’ve begun to use keyboard shortcuts more and more, I personally thought the one buttoned mouse would be a hindrance to the OS overall usability but in fact it has little bearing on its usability in my opinion.

So far I haven’t really come across any media files or such that are un-usable, only media I can not access is Yahoo’s Video Launch service, but that’s due to it requiring Netscape 4.7 being installed when accessing using Mac OS X, which is a bit sad when you consider how old Netscape 4.7 is.

Overall I am enjoying MAC.

(Image credit: Google)

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8 Rocking YouTube Remixes

YouTube has become the most comprehensive and best source for online music videos. There had been a voting for the most rocking music on YouTube, and here they are, listed below for you…

  • Kutiman: The Mother of All Funk Chords

  • DJ Steve Porter, Vince Offer: Slap Chop Rap

  • A-Ha: Take On Me, The Literal Version

  • Bill O’Reilly: Do It Live Remix

  • Lasse Gjertsen: Amateur

  • Stephen Colbert: Remix Challenge

  • DJ Le Clown: Xmas in New York City

  • DJ Steve Porter, Michael Jackson: This Is It

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An easy way to Power-on and Shutdown your computer automatically

Have you guys ever heard that you can control your entire system using a software?

A software – “Auto Power-on & Shut-down” helps you in automatically handling your computer, i.e., you can automatically shut down, restart, hibernate your computer at your desired time without even having to go in your computer room. Isn’t it fascinating?

auto power on shut down

How will this software help me?

Now say for example, you have free downloading plan from 2-8 in the night, and it is not possible for you to get up at 2am each day and set a downloading queue. Rather, it is too boring to get up so late just for a download. At such times, this software helps you to download your stuff without even getting up at 2am.


This software has following functionality:

  1. Automatic computer start
  2. Automatic start of a downloading queue. includes :- internet download manager, utorrent.
  3. Automatic hibernation.
  4. Automatic shut down.
  5. Automatic play of a music file.
  6. Automatic start of a particular software

Share your comments on what you think.

Link: lifsoft

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Automatically Login to Facebook with your Gmail or Yahoo Account

Facebook has come up with a new technique where you can automatically login to it with the account you are currently using.


In the above snap shot, you can see the linking of Facebook with your various accounts.

Now, if you login to any of the services like Google, Yahoo, MySpace, your account in Facebook will automatically login to the currently working account. This means that next time there is NO NEED need to type your login ID  and password all over again!

How to set up this privilege:

To set up this privilege between Facebook and Yahoo/Google Accounts, just

  • Go to Facebook -> Accounts Settings
  • Click on “Add a new linked account”.
  • This will login automatically to the current service you are using.

Facebook will let you link only one account at a time. For example, if you are sending an email via Gmail to anyone and using Yahoo answers, then it will ask you which account to link and thus, you can link to the respective account.

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