Facebook – Ignoring Application Requests From Specific Friends

Facebook - Ignoring Application Requests From Specific Friends

One more step from facebook developers to save their users from application requests spam. After famous ignore-all and block-all application invitation scripts, now you can block all application invitation from specific friends.

Tom Whitnah quoted on facebook developers blog,

We’ve heard from developers and users that they feel certain friends seem to be a large source of unwanted application requests. So with this change we wanted to give users the opportunity to filter out these friends’ requests.

I have many facebook friends who are just addicted to facebook apps and contribute largely to invitation spam. On the other hand I also have celebrity bloggers like Darren, Amit, Thilak in my friend list and I will definitely love to try applications they suggest.

(Source: Facebook Developers blog)

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Linking Your Youtube Account With Existing Google Account [Integration Help]

After long time having separate login for YouTube, today I decided to integrate it with my existing Google account.

Here are the steps to follow, in case you also want to do the same!

  1. On YouTube homepage, click on “Login with your Google account”link.

YouTube - Login Box-1-1.jpg

  1. You will be redirected to a page like below. Just enter your Google account username/email id and password and click sign in…

YouTube - Link to Google Account-1.jpg

  1. On next page enter your existing YouTube accounts’ username and password. Click on Link Accounts. Optionally you can create a new account YouTube account.

YouTube - Enter YouTube Account Info-2.jpg

That it! You will see a Your accounts have been linked message on next page… 🙂

Please note that, all Gmail accounts are Google account, but opposite may not be true. As an example, if you are using Orkut, blogger or any other Googles service, that account will be termed as Google account and you can link YouTube to it irrespective you use Gmail or not!

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Enjoy Orkut Apps By Changing Your Country To Estonia!

From last few days I was surprised to see many users changed their country to Estonia. At the same time orkut blog was driving me mad by unveiling about new apps everyday but not giving any link to use them outside orkut sandbox.

All this end when a scrap-all spam appeared in my orkut scrapbook saying change your county to Estonia and see magic!. Normally I never act on spam scraps but I decided to give a try as I wanted to figure out Da Estonia Code. 😀

So I changed my county and surprised to see application directory link appeared on my normal profile as shown in following screenshot.


So the crux of this story is, if you want to enjoy orkut apps before they will be released for rest of the world, you can enjoy them right now by changing your country to Estonia.

The Apps Menu and Edit link will let you add as many orkut apps as you want. But there is a catch! All this is for Estonian orkut users, so even if you add some cool apps to your profile, non-Estonian orkut user will continue to see your normal profile! 🙁

Now as I have access to sandbox as well as this Estonia hack, FYI I will continue to test apps via Orkut sandbox methods. About Estonia bug, all I can say another lame move from orkut team. And things I feel lame include…

  • First no official post regarding this on Orkut blog!
  • Orkut should not allow to change country for any number of times! There must be limitation like once in 3 months
  • Why Estonia, if they wanted to roll Orkut apps they should have gone to Brazil, which is largest and oldest base of orkut users.
  • The whole idea of country specific testing is wrong. Things should have been tested only in sandbox and they made public once for all countries.
  • If there is some another purpose of going for a particular county, then atleast they should have checked IP address of user for some sort of Geo targeting.

Anyway another such lame change was used long time back by us to find dates on orkut in your city. It still works! 😉

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Disclaimer: Although I have mentioned in this article that I acted upon a spam scrap, I used a fake orkut account first to check the things. Please bear in mind that for your safety we encourage you NOT to act on any untrusted or spam communication! Read more

Enabling Bluetooth File Transfer on Mac OS X Leopard

By default, file sharing over Bluetooth connection is disabled in Mac OS X Leopard. Even though scanning process from cellphone shows Mac in the list, when you try to send file to Mac, you get error like “file can not be sent”.

So to enable file sending follow this…

  • Go to System Preferences >> Internet & Network >> Sharing. (see screenshot)
  • Just tick Bluetooth Sharing option. Note that, although you are getting file sharing related error, file sharing option have nothing to do with it.

Sharig System Prefences on Mac Leopard-2.jpg

Thats it! Do not waste your time on mobile forums. I already did! 😉

How To Log Out Clean & Safely From Internet Explorer [Security]

Digital Footprint If you are a firefox user then you may surprise to read this post. Unlike firefox where single menu option Tools >> Clear Private Data clears everything, in Internet Explorer 6.0 the situation is worse than one can possibly imagine.

Of course, a firefox user will never go back to Internet Explorer but thanks to bad web-site design of BSNL, I was forced to use IE to pay my cellphone bills.

Anyway here are steps to log out safely from Internet Explorer…

First, go to Tools >> Internet Options

On General Tab, clean cookies, cache & history by clicking on Delete Cookies, Delete Files & Delete history button.

Genreal Internet Options in IE

Also after clicking on Delete Files, you will see a pop-up box like below. DONT forget to check "Delete all offline content" option.

Delete Files - Internet Options in IE

Many users know about this part but your password and important form details may be with IE. So next step is very important!

Go to Content Tab, and click on AutoComplete Option.

Content - Internet Options in IE

A new AutoComplete Setting windows will open like below. Click on Clear Forms & Clear Password buttons.

AutoComplete Settings - Internet Options in IE

Thats All! I know sounds like hell lot of work but let me give you glimpse of what the worst could happen if you forget any of the steps above.

  • Delete Cookies – Not so severe if you used only top sites like orkut, Gmail, etc. But still can prove dangerous. Person sitting on your computer may get direct access to your account. Usually cookies are cleared automatically when you click on log out links at the sites.
  • Delete Files – Anyone using your computer can check files you were accessed online. Most important are your personal photos which can be viewed from cache even after you log out using log out links on sites.
  • Delete History – Other can check which site you have accessed. If you dad is a geek, this could prove dangerous to you! 😉
  • Clear Forms – Any information you enter like address, name, etc remains in browser. Most important are bank account numbers.
  • Clear Passwords – Normally password don’t get stored automatically but its always better to count on knowledge than luck!

In fact, last two options which are so deep inside are reason for most account getting hacked via IE. If you forget them then anyone can use small program like pspv to hack passwords and personal details.

Its always best to use a browser like firefox and avoid login to password protected site from public commuters!

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March To Success! [Summary]

image Thanks to all of you, March has been most successful month in my blogging career. In March only, our traffic, readership & earning gained new heights!

So here I am presenting quickly recap, of March month…

# Traffic

We received 54,457 unique visitors and more than 100K page views in March only. As can be seen in following graph, I messed up things in February. But that mess taught me lots of things which together helped us march to success!


(Source: Sitemeter)

While in 50K visitors around 10K was from stumbleupon on post discussing 5 Best torrent search engines, I guess still 40K is good number. That means more than 1K unique visitors per day. Something I dreamt long time back… 🙂

# Readership

We also crossed 1000 FeedBurner readers mark on 14 March. This is much more important than other things because at first I thought, it was some kind of spike and will eventually go down, but since that day the counter never went down below 1000!

Also as we have now 3 different feedburner feeds alongwith many other feeds like comment feeds, the actual readers base is much larger than shown in FeedBurner counter.

# Earnings $$$

On earnings front, total rise is around 6 times. With this pace, it will be easier to switch to full-time blogging in June as per my current plans!

Our Google Adsense earning are 3 times higher while rise in traffic is around 2 times. In other income sources, kontera earning increased by 7 times and our affiliate earnings shoot up to $128 from mere $3 in February!

I will be sharing my secret what worked for me with you in coming days! As per earning considered, check out kontera, if you don’t use it!

Thanks again for helping us reach new heights! 🙂

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WordPress 2.5 FAQ – A Must Read For All WordPress Users!

Like most of you wordpress users, we also moved to WordPress 2.5 on the same day it was released.

I know you like its cool interface and new features, but there are many things that has been changed drastically or completely removed from WordPress 2.5. While most of these changes may not affect many wordpress users but if you come across them later, you will surely get confused. So better go through this WordPress 2.5 FAQ, even if you have no questions about it at this time.

Here I am putting what helped me personally..

  • In my post about moving to wordpress 2.5, I have mentioned, "…Left-aligning of admin pages leaves hell lot of white space on wide-screen monitors…". Thanks to this FAQ, I come to know about Viper007bond’s Remove Max Width Plugin. I haven’t tried it yet!
  • Also the option to enable/disable Gzip compression gave me hard time while using a caching plugin which I don’t use anymore. Anyway that option has been removed!
  • Also I was not aware of the fact that reverting back to WordPress 2.3.3, if something goes wrong, won’t be easy!

Link: WordPress 2.5 FAQ

We are now on WordPress 2.5 (Final)

WordPress Logo After going through many release candidates, final wordpress 2.5 is out. It has been 24 hours since its out, but I chose to do a upgrade myself before writing about it.

So here is my take on upgrading wordpress to 2.5 and my overall experience about it!


Few days back there was a heated debate between wordpress founder Matt and Six Apart Guys! Six Apart claimed that Upgrading wordpress is complex job, and so I guess I must write in detail how I get it done…

I use a subversion installation of wordpress. And here are steps I have followed…

  1. I logged into my shell account on Dreamhost, our webhost.
  2. Changed working directory to this blogs directory. (cd command)
  3. Typed and executed following command

$ svn sw http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/tags/2.5

Thats it! In few seconds we moved to 2.5. Sorry Anil… I could not make it more complex. 😉

What’s Better in WordPress 2.5

There are so many things new out there that it will take time to figure out them completely. Still best things I found are…

  • Completely changed post-editor with better image & file uploading. Also added support for image galleries. I loved new AJAXified tagging support as I mentioned about it earlier too.
  • One-click upgrade to wordpress plugin. This is I guess can’t get any better now! 🙂
  • Tag-management support is added.
  • Dashboard can have widget now. Check WordPress.com stats widget for an example.

For more detailed list, check official entry at wordpress development blog!

What’s Worse in WordPress 2.5

There aren’t many things I can complain about but…

  • Complete RSS feed still needs a plugin. I was expecting that bug to be rectified in WordPress 2.5.
  • Shocking bad widget management screen. My sidebar is divided into four areas and now I just can’t move widgets from one sidebar area to other.
  • I think aesthetically old look was better. Left-aligning of admin pages leaves hell lot of white space on wide-screen monitors.

Forget aesthetics but I just can’t tolerate new widget management screen at all.

Overall WordPress 2.5 impressed me more than my expectations. That’s why I was playing with it from 1AM to 7AM local time. Good they released it on Saturday… 😉

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newsflashr – Single-page aggregator to fast-track headline news!

newsflashr LogoFew days back we wrote about popurls – a single page aggregator to track what’s happening in the world.

Today we are reviewing newsflashr, a newly launched single page aggregator with much more options.

As explained by its founder Gal Arav,

The advantage newsflashr offers when compared to other automated aggregators, such as Google News, is that by extracting popular keywords from the news headlines at all the top news sources, our system makes it transparently obvious to the user why certain news topics are being given more attention than others.

What immediately catches eyes is top navigation menu to switch between 8 different categories – world, business, elections, technology, science, health, showbiz, sports. So you can choose to read only what interests to you!

Those who prefer to navigate sites using tags, a “hot news topic cloud” is displayed in right side in each category.

Other options includes…

  • option to sort headlines by time (freshness) or alexa rank (authority)
  • option to adjust topic freshness
  • aesthetic options like changing background color, font-size, etc

With so many options to customize, newsflashr seems promising. We wish good luck to Gal’s newsflashr! 🙂

Link: newsflashr

Showing Adsense Banner Ads in Blogspot Blogs [Blogging Tips]

One of our reader Deepak Jain wants to add Adsense banner ads in his blogspot blog.

While its simple to add any HTML/Javascript code in blogspot blogs using HTML/Javascript new element, option to add such element is by default disabled in header menu.

The problem can be easily seen in following two screenshots which are taken from Layout >> Page Element panel…

A. Default  Options..

blogspot blog without add a page element option in header

B. After Enabling "Add a Page Element" Option…

blogspot blog with add a page element option in header

Once Add a Page Element option comes there, you can edit blogs header as simply as editing sidebar. Putting Google Adsense ads in header won’t be any different than doing same in sidebar!

# Steps to Enable Add a Page Element Option…

1. Go to Layout >> Edit HTML Option

2. Search following codes in Edit Template box…

    <div id='header-wrapper'>
      <b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'>

3. Make following two changes

  • Change maxwidgets=’1′ to maxwidgets=’2′  or any number greater than 1.
  • Change showaddelement=’no’ to showaddelement=’yes’.

4. Click on Save Template!

That it! Just go back to Page Elements tab and you will see Add a Page Element Option there! 🙂

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