Networking : Windows 95/98/ME n Window 2000/XP LAN IPC$ problem

This is for all the pals who got IPC$ Password Prompt while connecting a windows 95/98/ME machine to another windows 2000/XP/2003 machine in LAN, i.e. networking between NT & non-NT machine.

I tried making LAN between Windows 98 n Windows XP. Connection was successful and I accessed 98-files from XP machine without any problem but when it came to doin other way, got this IPC$ password prompt.

Posting here is the SIMPLEST way to solve this

Just do this on XP-machine

  1. Go to the control panel > user account and enable (turn-on) the guest account.
  2. Then go again to control panel. Open Administrative Tools, then Local Security Settings.
  1. You can just click Start >> Run >> secpol.msc

In Left pane, go to security settings>> Local Polices >> User Rights Assignments.

You will get list of policies on right side. Just modify following two policies.

1. Access this computer from network

  • This is first policy. Double-click on it to open its properties.
  • You will get a list of user and groups and two buttons viz add user or group and remove.
  • Click on add user or group button.
  • A window with title Select user or group will appear.
  • In lower-left corner of this window there is advance button. Click on it.
  • Another window with same title Select user or group will appear.
  • Click on find now button on right-side of this window. A list will appear.
  • Just double-click on Guest.

(If Guest does not appear then check Find in Location of this window. It must be server or your computer name itself.)

In short you have to add Guest to the list of user n groups who can access XP-computer from network.
2. Deny access to this computer from networkThis is quite simple. Just open properties and check if Guest name is in the list. If this is present, select it and press remove.

In short you have to remove Guest from the list of user n groups who denied XP-computer from network.

Thats It!!!

Refresh your 98 machine and see if IPC$ password comes again. At the most you need to restart your both machine. But it will work for sure as I tested this on LAN of 25 PCs successfully 🙂

Post through comments if you still have problem or want me 2 add screenshot to this post!

(Mobile) – Snake – High Score Crack!!!

This is for all Nokia’s Symbian series SNAKE lovers…(n cracker too)…
If you ever cared about high scoring in this game then you are at right place…The game have a file “Snake EX HighScores.dat” in phone memory under “system\data” directory.Complete Path : “C:\system\data\Snake EX Highscores.dat”Open this file in any Hex-editor…
(I used SelQ i.e. system explorer v. 1.8 which have built-in HEX-editor, ASCII-editor, Unicode-editor.. kool na)

Before editing, lemme tell you how to interpret this file…
(The file will always have 10 records.)

For each record-

1. First field, 4-byte for SCORE.
2. Next 2-byte for length of Player Name.
3. Then actual Name in Unicode Format. (this mean u can write your name in any language)

Now, to change your score you just have to edit first 4-bytes.
The score in signed long int i.e. 31-bit so you can score up-to 2147483648 (2^31).

while changing the name of player I suggest if your name is shorter than the actual name of player then just pad it up with spaces.

If your name is longer then you have to edit second field, and also in this case the editor you are using must allow u to insert few more byte in file.

The best part of all this is that the file is neither encrypted, nor it ends with CRC code so u can be somewhat careless when altering the content.

Of course d rule of thumb – always make backup while messing up with your data.. 🙂

Orkut >> Scarpboy Messenger is here!!!

Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, mIRC, Google Talk, Rediff. gush so many messenger already there and still I’m writing about a new messenger What a fool I am!!!

Don’t think that way pals cause scrapboy – the messenger I’m talking about is for orkut.


p style=”font-family: georgia”>The messenger adds the missin realtime interaction in orkut scrappin and makes its chatting!!!
enables you to send and receive instant scraps in the ORKUT website without a web browser.


p style=”font-family: georgia”>This costs you a lot of bandwidth so I personally won’t recommend it for dial-up user, specially when you are doing hell lots of things at once! If you are just orkutting then its fine
so what are you waitng buddy just go and get scarpboy!!!


NetFront : firefox of Symbian 60 mobiles…

The information in this post in no longer supported and possibly outdated.
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Dear symbian users….
A good news for all symbian 60 & FireFox lovers….
Tabbed browsing is possible on your cell phone…
No no…. there is no need to upgrade your opera for that… its time to replace the opera… and here is the replacement: NETFRONT….
just used Net Front for two days…

N listing here some features…

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Page save option
  • RSS feed manager
  • Cache size can be changed to any value… (along with choice of memory for cache use)
  • 3 modes for viewing page
    • desktop (real page view)
    • smart-fit (page renders to fit on your cell phone screen)
    • Text-only (no images… faster loading

The only problem till now I have seen… The response time of this browser is not good… Most of the time you feel that it hangs!!! Be patient… ( I don’t think cell phone with EDGE or class-10 GPRS and fast processor will notice this prob)….

Download Links:

ORKUT N USERSCRIPTS.ORG… (for firefox user only :-)

The info in this post is old and possibly outdated.
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As in last post I have written a line aboutone-click scrap script and…

Would like to tell you more about this and also about
But this is for only FireFox so if you are not a FireFox user get it first!!!
Actually serves 900,000 scripts… It have a cool search option and you can also browse scripts as per categories. You need Greasemonkey – a FireFox plug-in in order to work with these scripts.

In short these are some special javascript which are interpreted by Greasemonkey to change your web pages behaviour locally.. You can get more info about Greasemonkey and its scripts on its home site.

There are many scripts for orkut and I use only one such script…. That’s orkut one-click scrap script…
This script adds two links next to your contact’s name and pictures:
[S] for instant access to their scrapbook
[A] for instant access to their album

So instead of clicking your friends name which will open his/her profile and then going scrapbook album (2-clicks atleast) you can reach anyones scrapbook or album with one click only on its name… one-click scrap script!!! Isn’t it kool???

Other scripts I like which I do not use frequently but still would like to refer!

  • Orkut zoom album– Replaces small images on album overview page with larger versions. It also updates the table so there is one large image per row.
  • Orkut My Scrapbook link – Adds a link to your scrapbook at the top of every orkut page

N Finally click here to get all orkut related scripts from!!

#Related Link: Click here to download firefox!

Breaking Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista Administrator Password

Going by my word posting here about a simple tool which will break Windows 2000/XP/2003’s Administrator account’s password.

Before starting, for newbies…

Windows NT 5.0 = Windows 2000 (all edition)
Windows NT 5.1 = Windows XP (all edition)
Windows NT 5.2 = Windows 2003 (all edition)

So throughout this post I will refer our target as Windows NT 5.x (as following content are equally applicable to all Windows NT 5.x OS family).

So lets start the fun…
You will be surprised to know that you can break into any Windows NT 5.x system without any software tool 80% of the time! For rest you need a software like below!

First lets get to 80% of the vulnerable system….

In Windows NT 5.x, you can create any no. of user with different names, privileges and optionally password.
One such account with highest privilege level, with user name “Administrator” is setup by default.

At the time of installation Windows NT 5.x prompts for password but many systems are setup by vendors and other person. The end-user of this system is different than one who installed it. These lazy people are always in hurry and often left this password as blank.

The irony comes next. In final step of installation you create an account with mostly your first name. Lock it with password(optionally) and start using the system. Now on welcome screen you see account(s) with different name. But have you never see this default “administrator” account unless you boot in “safe mode”.

Now if you can’t see “administrator” account on screen (as with Windows XP login default screen), just press  “CTRL+ALT+DEL” and it will change login “screen” to login “box” where you can type “administrator” as user name! This is what works 80% of the time.

Now for rest of the 20% system….
There are literally more than 100’s of tool available on Internet and the tool I use is a small Live-CD named ntpasswd created by pnordahl. I got it from my hacker friend Surun.
Burn this ISO on a CD. Its bootable image of approx 2.7 MB.

It has Linux OS with text-mode only. No Linux Knowledge Require here to use this disk. 😉

After booting from CD. A menu driven program will start with options and their description at each level.
READ EVERYTHING BEFORE GOING AHEAD as one mistake may make the target machine unusable.

One mistake may crash the system to the reinstallation phase! So test it first on systems from college, office, etc! 😉

It worked 100% of the time….
As its 3.03 MB (after extracting) you can burn it on a mini-CD and keep it in your wallet all the time, so can roam around having master key to all systems having Windows NT 5.x family OS!

Link: ntpasswd by pnordahl

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Free Airtel GPRS Trick is Back!

The information in this post in no longer supported and possibly outdated. New comments are closed on this post! Try out our Support Forums.

In NUTSHELL you have to do only 3 things

  1. Enter your cel no. into USER NAME/NO. Field (If it is blank)
  2. Change access point / APN to or
  3. Configuring your application for following proxy setting…

If u r using IP Addr : Port no. 8080

If u r using IP Addr : Port No. 8799

That all about settings!

More proxy settings can be found in comments. Specially check comments by Dharmubaba & Nadeem.

Related: If you want to access free AiretlGPRS on phone only, use TeasShark [NOTE: Not all proxy will work for all. Also proxies are location-specific so a proxy working at my place may not work at yours. I know it means checking so many proxies but there is no shortcut for FREE!]