3-months FREE Panda Internet Security 2009 for Windows!

Panda Security has recently collaborated with Microsoft’s IT security campaign “Protect Your PC”. In this campaign Panda Security is giving out an exclusive gift for all the Windows users which is a 3-months FREE Panda Internet Security 2009 with no obligations.

Key Features of Panda Internet Security 2009Panda Internet Security 2009

  1. Anti-Malware Engine
  2. Advanced Proactive Protection
  3. Personal Firewall
  4. Anti-Phishing Filter
  5. Anti-Banking Trojan Engine [New]
  6. Anti-Rootkit Technology [New]
  7. Anti-Spam Filter [New]
  8. Parental Control
  9. Web Filter [New]
  10. Personal Information Filter [New]
  11. Backup & Restore

That’s not it… the best part about Panda Internet Security is that it can be installed on 3 computers under one license copies.

So, quickly grab this offer before it expires Download Panda Internet Security 2009 for FREE!

Link: Panda Security

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New Orkut bug asks to create new account!

Have you been asked to create a new account, whenever you try to log into Orkut?

And you are like what the hell I have an account in orkut, my friends can see my profile. But I can’t log-in WHATS GOING ON!!!

Don’t worry guys you are not the only one who is facing this issue, there are many other Orkut user’s who are facing the same issue. This is a new bug in Orkut and is confirmed by folks at official Orkut Help center.

The only things it does: Asks you to create a new account, even if you have an existing Orkut account! Strange thing is, this bug exactly force you to violate Orkut ToS, which prohibits creating multiple accounts on Orkut. Its different story that Orkut Buyukkokten, creator of Orkut, himself have multiple profiles on Orkut! 😉

But the good news is:
This issue has been taken up for fix by the Orkut team and lets hope for solution soon. They have solved most of multiple profile issues.

(Source: orkut help)

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