Blogger$ of the Month-changes again..


Blogger$ of the Month contest is now adopting a new face for the month of December,2009.

Previously we had the format in which we  have selected the top 3 bloggers for their posts from all the blogs across rtBlogs Network.  The total prize money was $150, which was distributed as $75, $50 and $25 to the these bloggers as per the ranks in the ratings table.

Whats New ??

For this month onwards we will have individual rating tables for 3 of our blogs namely,

A cash prize of $50 would be awarded to the highest ranked bloggers in each of these  rating table’s. The ratings format will be the same as it was in the preceding months and the posts will be rated by our editors.

You can use the same user id and password to login into Facebooknol and crictalks.

Why the change?

The basic idea yet again is to promote the new Bloggers on our platform. But this time, we are also looking for bloggers who are passionate to share information on topics like Facebook and our beloved cricket 😀

A suggestion to guest bloggers

Please try to follow the guidelines given by the editors before writing a post.

Important thing to consider is to write quality articles! Spend time on writing good and original post. Refrain from copy paste. A copied post will result in an immediate ban from our network. Include link and image credits if applicable in your posts.

Keep reading..Keep writing 😀

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