Browser Wars: Internet Explorer’s pie shrinks.

With the release of Chrome 3.0 and the  Chrome Frame controversy I was waiting quite eagerly to see its impact on the browser market share of Chrome and Internet Explorer in September.

  • Internet Explorer has a market share of 65.71% but it had 66.97% share when the month began. That means Internet Explorer has lost 1.26% in just one month.
  • For the August survey what Internet Explorer lost was almost entirely gained by Firefox and Chrome. This month is not different. Firefox  has gained 0.77% and Chrome has gained 0.33%.
  • Chrome has now broken the 3% barrier by cornering 3.17% of the pie.
  • One worrying factor for Internet Explorer is that over the last 3 months they have lost 3% of its share which means that it if continues its downward slide it will end up being below 50.0% in the next 15 months.


Credits: Marketshare Hitslink

  • Safari has stayed on at 4.24% for over 2 months and Opera has shown marginal growth with 2.19% by probably taking away numbers from Internet Explorer.

One major factor that has gone against Internet Explorer is that IE8 has not really gone down as well as expected. I find IE 8 a much better browser than IE7 but it does seem to be have problems crashing on older machines running Windows XP.

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