Online Tool to Automatically Unsubscribe and Delete Email Newsletters

I am most of you have been familiar with a Inbox full of newletters. Newsletters are not necessarily spam but a lot of us sign up for a newsletter from a service and stop using the service for months or even years but the newsletter keep piling on.

Swizzle Inbox Manager is a great online tool that allows users to quickly unsubscribe from multiple newsletters emails within seconds.

Inbox Manager Features

A useful feature of this online tool is that it scans even the old emails from such services which you have unsubscribed from a long time ago. These emails can also be deleted automatically.

Until now I have always used the ‘Search’ options with my Gmail and created filters to manage my email. This online tool seems like a more easier and simpler options which does not take a lot of time.

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Link: Swizzle Inbox Manager

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