Burn your boredom on Bored.com!

I was borrrrred out of my skull this morning, so I took Google’s help to pull me out of my misery. Guess what it found me – bored.com! I’d say, an unusual website for a drilling day… but it worked like magic.

Bored.com is a fun website if you are looking for some time pass and you have nothing better to do. This site has stuff that will keep you occupied for hours!

Things you could do… Give it a shot!

Play games

Some are fun, while some quite silly! You have many categories to choose from – Escape, Racing, Puzzle skills, Shooter, Casino, Arcade/Retro, and Action/Adventure. They even have multi player games.

Watch videos

You could choose from a wide range of video categories too, like – Funny, Pranks, Commercials, Animals, Extreme, and TV/News. You could even watch Music videos here. Keep a watch on their “Recent videos” and “Top videos” section.

Make some money, honey!

I haven’t tried these myself yet, but it’s very difficult to say no to something as enticing as this. To know more, click here!

Laugh out loud

Click here for more hilarious stuff from their humor section!

Quiz yourself

Keep those Grey cells churning! Here’s more!

Sway to the music

… Adding to the rhythm, here’s more!

Have fun

And the list goes on… check it out!

Go ahead… burn your boredom!

Warning: Don’t overdo it! Ironically, even this can get boring after some time!

Link: bored

2 Replies to “Burn your boredom on Bored.com!”

  1. Almost 6 years back, I access this site and this is one of those sites, I remember that time.
    I love this site. This site has a section for images, which can give you lots of things to entertain.

    You doing it right Swati 🙂
    Keep posting such useful stuff.
    If you are using lots of link, I hope you using nofollow attribute.

    1. @ Harsh Agrawal,
      Sure is entertaining. I haven’t had a chance to go back to it again, but I know for sure I will when I have the time. There is a lot of fun stuff out there.

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