Buying a Computer: Laptop vs. Desktop

I know it’s necessarily not about being confused, but it is about the right choice. Even in general life, we need opinion and suggestions for certain tasks, similarly what people even ask before buying a new Computer, a Laptop or a Desktop?

DW deskvslap

A Laptop is the right choice if

  • you possess high levels of mobility and keep moving to different parts of your house, city or the country.
  • you don’t want your PC to be shared among your pals.
  • you live in a house small enough to hold you and the Desktop at the same time.
  • you have that hatred for wires, this and that!
  • you are happy with the ‘extra’ price you paid for the same features.

A Desktop is instead better if

  • you want to see a special area with your computer placed and all stuff around it with no movement.
  • you are cool enough to share your PC with friends, relatives and whosoever.
  • you love to constantly ‘upgrade’ your PC with new and techy parts.
  • you are not cool enough with the idea of paying ‘extra’ bucks just for mobility sake.
  • you think your UPS battery is enough in case of power-cuts.
A video to choose between a Laptop & a Desktop

I guess the above points clearly (some tricky points too 😛 ) explains how I think would make a difference in choice. What do you think what will matter in making the right choice? Comment, suggest and drop in some points too, I feel so alone writing all the time! 😉

3 Replies to “Buying a Computer: Laptop vs. Desktop”

  1. great points covered smartly the main reason i prefer desktop is “you love to constantly ‘upgrade’ your PC with new and techy parts”

    the same I wud be doing now with my laptop but its time consuming incomparison to desktop

  2. Hi Ankit,

    Nice post.I read your posts in devils work shop frequently but the thing is lil bit lazy to post a comment.You are doing a good work keep it up whether people give their comments or not 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot!
      I am already addicted to write on DW! and ofcourse in love with the comments people are giving. And thanks a lot even if you are not commenting, you can do put up a like on the Facebook posts (if you have liked Devils Workshop on FB, you can see them).

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