Clean up Windows and free up disk space

Here is an application which helps you clean up your Windows Operation system and keep it in top shape. nCleaner is perfect if you want to customize things like advanced system and advanced application cleaning system.

The** nCleaner** website makes claims that it end up tweaking and cleaning up to 2GB space on the hard disk due to using its features like memory management, System resource monitor, Tweak manager along with a System Adviser. I liked the huge number of options and applications it supported and worked with seamlessly. It offers the casual Windows user something along with a lot of customizable options for someone with some advanced knowledge of Windows.


About nCleaner

If you are using Windows XP or Vista I think it will be quite a useful tip to clean up the registry along with managing system resources in a more comprehensive way. Let me know if it has helped you out and drop in your comments with your opinions.

**Download Link: **nCleaner

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