Enable Google+ Page and Your Blog for Direct Connect

Google+ pages is similar to Facebook pages but unlike Facebook, Google+ is backed by the worlds most powerful search engine.

For example, try searching for “+Gmail” on Google and it directly takes users to Gmail’s brand page on Google+. This is done through a feature called ‘Direct Connect’.

Currently Google has not rolled out Direct Connect for all users, but you can start by getting your blog and Google+ page ready for Direct Connect.

Adding Website URL to Google+ Pages

There are two ways to go about it. One way is to add a Google+ badge on your website. The other is by adding a link in the head section of your website.

Creating Google+ Badge

Create Badge for Google+ Page

Incase you do not want your website to feature Google+ badge of your page, then you can add a link of the Google+ page to the head section of your website.

The code to be added is below:

yourpageID]” />

Here yourpageID is the numerical page ID of your Google+ page. Using  [yourpageID] makes sure that the link is not visible on your page.

Now your Google+ is qualified for Google’s Direct Connect. :-)

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Link: Direct Connect

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