[Results] Winners of DW’s 3rd Anniversary Contest!

Hey guys, sorry for delay. This post is to announce winners of DW’s 3rd anniversary contest – free giveaway of $1000 professional services and $100 logos design contest.

List of Winners!

Free Blogger To WordPress Migration Service

  1. Sauravjit Singh
  2. Alok Chaudhari

Search Engine and Other Optimizations for WordPress Blogs

  1. Vaibhav Kanwal
  2. Simrandeep Singh

$100 Logos Design Contest ($50 for each logo)

  1. Debajyoti Das (for BlogVeda)
  2. Dnyanesh Mankar (for WpVeda)

To All Winners!

Please contact us on services@rtcamp.com to claim your prize. Our representative will assist you further depending on the type of the contest you have won.

Those who couldn’t win it…

Those who couldn’t be lucky enough to win Free Blogger To WordPress Migration can avail this service for $99 only. I repeat, this discounted price is for bloggers those who previously participated in the contest. This is non-transferable and will be provided for the domain name you have mentioned on earlier contest-submission form. There is 60 days validity to avail this service at discounted price.

Rest, all guest bloggers can always participate in Blogger of The Month contest where you can win $100 in cash prize among other things.

Plans for year ahead…

We are waiting eagerly to shift to our new office. Form there we will start few more blogs and will continue to rtBlogs network.

If you are interested in India’s first (citation needed :P) full-time blogging jobs, you can apply here! Rest, all designers and coder-geeks are invited for career opportunity at rtCamp!

Thanks a ton to all those who joined us in celebration. Keep reading! Keep blogging!! :-)

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  1. Well congrat to all winners.

  2. Congrats to the winners.
    I was the first one to get the migration done for free :P
    Btw can we have a look at the winning logo designs…

  3. Congratulations to winners, feel sad to be late :).

  4. Congratulations to all the winners!! :)

  5. thanks Devilsworkshop…………..

  6. congrats to all the winners

  7. Congrats to all the winners :) Keep rocking!

  8. congrats to the winners..

  9. This is fantastic. Thanks a ton DW.

  10. please fix the link to my blog……..

  11. [...] logo was designed by Dnyanesh Mankar as part of logo-design contest organized on Devils Workshop. WpVeda theme is designed by our designer Rohit Maloo, who was referred to rtCamp by Akshay Raje. [...]

  12. [...] theme but it lacks some features and moreover it was not a unique theme.Then I won the contest at DevilsWorkshop for the theme design. I really want to thank Rahul Bansal for coding this [...]

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