Create Easy to Remember Short URL of Your Google+ Profile

I have liked using Google Plus for a few days, but found the Google+ ID a little too tedious to remember. The Google+ profile is basically a numerical id and very difficult to share with people. There is no way to customize this profile id into a login name.

But there is a quick fix for that which is not from Google+ but a third-party tool called

Just look up your Google+ profile ID and insert that number along with your nickname into the online tool.


Now with this I have a more easy to remember URL for my Google+ profile as instead of the long and difficult to remember URL :-)

I am pretty sure that once Google+ is out of beta it will soon make this feature available but until then you might want to use

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Gplus.To

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  • Gokul

    @aditya: No Invite Still :(

    • Aditya Kane

      The invitation are not still active for me. Ive shared an post with you maybe that way you can sign up.

      • Gokul

        Worked :) Ty :)

  • Michael Dector

    You can use , it’s make vanity URL for your Google+ Profile like

  • Raja Waqar

    i have seen 2 more website for short gplus url and i think those are also good sites.

    • Aditya Kane

      Thanks for sharing these related links for short Google+ profile URLs. :-)