Customize Every Pixel of a QR code with QRhacker

If you’re bored of the same black and white QR codes and want something customizable, QRhacker is all you need. There are many apps to make QR codes, but that’s just boring, enter QRhacker – A new way to make customized and personalized QR codes.

Here’s a QR code I made, which links to Devils’ Workshop, and I am no designer.

Creating a QR code with QRhacker

What’s more cool is, you can get products like shirts, business cards etc. with customized QR codes printed on them, that’s not available now, but it’s coming soon.

And if you ever want to read QR codes and don’t have a mobile near you, you can do it with a simple Chrome extension, QRreader Beta does this, without fail. On Firefox? don’t worry, Firefox users can use QR decoder to read QR codes.

Link: QRhacker

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