Customize Windows 8 Metro UI with Metro UI Tweaker

Windows 8 the next operating system in queue from Microsoft, boasts of an entirely new user interface called the Metro UI. Metro UI is the default Start screen on Windows 8 which sports a set of tiled boxes on a green background. These tiles are Live and they fetch news / mails / current status depending on the application.

Finally there is a one-stop solution for tweaking Windows 8 Metro UI and other features on Windows 8 explorer. In fact it can be called as a ‘live’ replacement for the old Start menu and the taskbar. The following screenshot gives us an idea of how the Metro UI looks like.

Windows 8 Metro UI

For this all you have to do is to run the Metro UI Tweaker ( portable EXE file in Download link at the bottom) and select the applicable options.


How to Customize Metro UI

Windows 7 start menu in Windows 8

Windows 7 start menu in Windows 8

Remove ribbons in Windows 8 explorer

Add shortcuts to Metro UI

Hope the tutorial answers all questions about partially or completely customizing the Windows 8 Metro UI, Windows 8 explorer. Do drop in your comments.

Links: Download Windows 8 Metro UI Tweaker

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