Dear Google, Why is Google+ just a Facebook with better clothes?

I love Google+ as compared to Facebook. I have started to love it a lot more in the past couple of months, since I have started using it every day to check feeds and share content.

It is a much better, cleaner design and the concept of creating and sharing with your contact circles is very intuitive.

Google+ has got a lot of attention when it was launched over a year ago. They have churned out new features with the latest being Events.

But Google+ is simply failing as a alternative to Facebook because it has a flawed strategy in place.

Google+ has very little activity on it

At the beginning of the post, I mentioned that I have started to use Google+ a lot more over the past two months. But this choice was not involuntary as I wanted to adopt Google+ more and dig deeper into it.

But I still hardly see posts from my friends or family members on it. When  I share a photo album with my family and close friends, I paste the link on my Facebook account. My close contacts have all have signed up for Google+ but are simply not active on it.

I simply come across more discussions, reactions and comments on Facebook to whatever I share when compared to Google+.

Google+ is not proactive!

Google+ seems to be waiting for Facebook to be make bad decision rather than do something different. It is not taking the fight to other social networks. It has Hangouts which is a great feature but nothing else really stands out.

Also Google has not got its act sorted out on APIs for third party developers. This is hugely important for Google+ to grow organically. There simply seems to be nothing happening on this front.

A Facebook competitor cannot be just a clone!

The news feeds, posts shares are pretty much borrowed from Facebook. They have +1 which is similar to the “Like” button on Facebook.

That makes Google+ a clone of Facebook. It looks better designed but it still lacks some Facebook features like Groups – which are very popular among hobby groups. It is surprising that Google+ has ignored this and not integrated their own Google groups service into Google+.

I wont say, Google+ has missed the bus to success. It has a great mobile app and some very good features. But Google+ needs to evolve into something unique otherwise it is at the risk of being just a Facebook with new clothes.

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