Devils Workshop ranked #3 in India!*

imageOur Devils Workshop ranked #3 in India as per a recent post published on Binary Day.

Ranking is based on many factors including Google Pagerank, Alexa rank, Yahoo backlinks and Technorati authority. Sita, who worked hard on writing algorithm for ranking and gathering data surveyed 6000+ blogs listed in indiblogger directory.

As usual with all surveys and ranking, this will also raise some controversies as it is missing 2 top Indian blogs in my knowledge – Digital Inspiration and Quick Online Tips. There may be few more false negatives. Still results can be counted to greater extent as indiblogger directory contain most of active blogs.

If you are surprised to see your blog is missing form the list, then please add it to indiblogger so that in next listing it will be counted by folks at Binary Day.

For DW co-bloggers, I know our ranking is questionable, still enjoy the moment and lets work harder so that we can be on top, unanimously! 😉

Links: Listing at Binary Day

(image credit: *drink86)*

( Ranking is based on blogs listed in indiblogger directory)*

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