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Dhiti_logoA couple of days ago, I installed a widget or gadget (depending on weather you use Blogger or WordPress) from Dhiti which is mainly a content discovery engine. This allows visitors to discover content in a novel and interactive way. I found Dhiti a very useful service, especially if you are a new to blogging and want your readers to engage and look up more content.

There are many ways to show favourite and popular links on a blog, but with Dhiti, as it has crawled your site we get a more instinctive way of discovering new content.

Features of Dhiti


I decided to check out Dhiti, on my personal blog. I was quite surprised to see an email from Dhiti, telling me to have the widget not on the side column of the site but at the footer. Having it at the footer would have made the widget appear a lot more uncluttered.

This was done proactively and atleast when it came to a free service, I had not seen such proactive support. :-)

If you have a new blog and want a new interesting way for visitors to look up more content try out Dhiti on your blog. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Dhiti Widget

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