[How-To] Get The Old Facebook Layout Back

Facebook LogoDon’t like the new Facebook design? Bored of it? Do you think that the old Facebook was more user-friendly, neat and clean? Then you have landed on the right place! Though you won’t be able to achieve the exact old layout, but the layout you will have will be much like the old Facebook layout!

Here is a simple trick by which you can get the old layout of Facebook (almost old one) when you would install a userscript. You need Firefox & Greesemonkey to use it. You can refer to this post for help.

This script is not created by me but I have combined 2 scripts (by sizzlemctwizzle & Erich Schubert) which when installed, changes your Facebook’s new layout into the old one. You can find the userscript here.

This script will do the following things:

Note – The script won’t work on all the pages as Facebook has a tricky type of coding (we can’t say tricky, but it is something by which it can eliminate the userscripts installed or the JavaScript you want to run). But you will see the old layout on which facebook wouldn’t have implemented that!

Now, if you want some explanation about the tricky coding, then here it is.

http://www.facebook.com/home.php – You will see the script in action in the URLs of this type. (But still, on some URLs like this, it may not work)

http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#/home.php?ref=logo – Now you may or may not see the script in action in this type of URL as there is a “#” in the URL.

If you want to check if the script is working on a particular page or not, then just check if the top bar displays the “Home” button. If it does, then the script is not working for that page and if it doesn’t then it means that the script is working on that page.


Old Layout of Facebook

Old Facebook Layout

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