[Event] IndiBlogger Pune Meet Turns Out To Be A Huge Success!

IndiBlogger is a directory of Indian blogs and a meeting point for bloggers. Unlike many other directories of blogs, IndiBlogger directory is powered by IndiBloogle -a nice example of Google’s custom search feature. Also, meetings feature is highly innovative as any member can call for meet on any tag! Like a photoblogger can call for a meet by selecting photoblog tag to get to know other photobloggers.

One such meet was organized last evening in Pune which I attended. Thanks to Prashant for reminding me about meeting otherwise I would have missed it for sure as I was busy shifting furniture to my place! So in hurry with my fellow blogger Anil I rushed to the event without much expectations as I joined indiBlogger just 2 days back.

Thanks to Vineet, Anwin, indiBlogger Team and event sponsor Microsoft the event turned out to be much better than my expectation! This is the reason I am posting about it.. 😉

So few things I have noticed that were different compare to blogger meets I attended in past…

  • First there were more non-technical bloggers than typical tech blogger like me 😉
  • There was high concentration of regional language bloggers which is nice for the whole blogging community.
  • So many nice chicks in blogging… I guess blogosphere is getting glamorous 😉
  • Every blogger got chance to showcase their blogs in “1-minute of fame” event.
  • Although event was sponsored, there was no promotional activity than introduction to Windows Live Writer (WLW) by Sandhya Rajan, a Microsoft Intern. WLW is best desktop blogging client and I was surprised to see very few bloggers knew about it. I will post about it in detail soon!

Also Karamveer Singh and his $55123 earnings in February 2008 was something to remember!

On personal front I was delighted to meet and get some nice guidelines from Prashant Karandikar.

Update: Those who missed this meet can attend Mumbai Meet scheduled on 27th April 2007. Details are here

16 Replies to “[Event] IndiBlogger Pune Meet Turns Out To Be A Huge Success!”

    1. @Ravi
      Sure I will let you know. But better join indiBloggers as its really nice initiative. Also if you are from Delhi then you will get automatic notification by emails about meets in Delhi… 🙂

      Yep… It was really great. Next time I will personally contribute more to the event! 🙂

      HeHe… First things first! 😉

  1. Wonder which one of the Mumbai brigade was you..And thanks for linking me to ‘nice’ and not to ‘chick’ 😉
    Cheers and good luck for the Mumbai meet.

  2. Hey Rahul, nice review on the meet. Just saw when I googled for the Mumbai meet, which was also awesome. Actually, my blog address is given wrongly in the post. I hope you can change it to the right one – http://anw.in/

    1. @
      First sorry for late reply as I was offline on a long vacation.

      Now I have edited this post to reflect changes. Sorry for mistake.
      BTW You really have nice domain name… 🙂

  3. Wow…thanks for the info on bloggers etc. I have been blogging for sometime now..and i was looking for something like this…where i can connect with fellow bloggers in my country. Thanks a million.I am currently in pune..but i unfortunately missed the meet. But hey..next time. By then i am sure i will have all my blogger friends reminding me of it.

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