Facebook gets patent for english word ‘Face’

Do you remember, once we spoke about Facebook getting a patent for its name Face. Just some time ago Facebook filed a request for patent against the word ‘Face’ on seeing a company being operated with a name Faceparty.com. Well, now the news is that Facebook is actually getting the patent.


As reported, the U.S. Patent And Trademark Office has sent Facebook a Notice of Allowance. That is government will give the site trademark under certain conditions. If you are going to name your social networking site as Facefriends or something starting or ending with face you are into a trouble.

The company has now to file a statement of use within 6 months. An attorney will have  a look at it and then decide whether it should be given or not. If this is approved then trademark office will issue a registration within two months. I wonder what kind of request will Google file for patent? Will it  ask for a trademark book, so that Facebook gets stuck with its word Face? Not sure, lets see what happens. I still dont think they should be given the trademark for english normal words like Face and Book. Do they think there will not be any beauty website with the word Face in its name? What do you think? Feel free to share your views through the comments below.

6 Replies to “Facebook gets patent for english word ‘Face’”

  1. well, I guess facebook is already part-patented, atleast no-one can create a site with that name.. 🙂
    However, it would be really hilarious to patent the word face, as face is a generic work.. i mean, can microsoft patent the word micro, or say can steve jobs patent the word Apple? No ways! bad decision from U.S. Patent And Trademark Office..

  2. I totally support the thing. Finding too many ‘face’ in the search will definitely dilute the effect of facebook. Afterall its the next big thing that has led to accidental billionares….

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