Facebook page for Mark Zuckerberg’s Dog, Beast

Oh my God, did you all know that Facebook’s creator has a page dedicated for his dog, Beast. Wow, I was amazed at this information.

People create pages for celebrities, colleges or just about anybody or anything they want to advertise about. Well, here Mark Zuckerberg  created a page for his dog Beast. Have a look at the image below.

I kind of liked this idea. I am a pet lover so I can think of such a thing. But, people who do not care who think Facebook is just a waste of time, they are kind of irritated with it. I am sure it will be getting lots of likes and all 600 million people will slowly know about Mark’s dog also. 😛

This page is owned by him and his girlfriend. The location is described as Palo Alto. Well, I am still wondering if this page is real or someone has just cracked a joke on Facebook. What do you think ? Share your views with me on this.