Facebook unveils new groups to share, collaborate and group chat

A couple of years ago we had Facebook groups. Mostly these were groups started by users with an aim to engage other Facebook users, who were interested in the same things. Groups became more or less defunct with the advent of Facebook Pages.

Today Facebook announced that New Groups is being announced. Now we can create groups made of our friends on Facebook. We can share links, share posts, videos and even group chat.

How to create New Groups on Facebook?

  • Visit the Facebook Groups Page.
  • Here you can easily create a new group. Just add your friends to the related group. For instance I added my work friends in a test group. (see image below).

  • You can make sure the group is Secret or choose to keep only the shared content as private. This will be great if you want to share photos, links and messages with only a small group of friends.

Features of Facebook’s New Groups

  • Facebook’s New Groups allows creating small groups of friends. You can only add only people how are your Facebook friends to the created group.
  • Only group members are allowed to add other friends to the group.
  • A great new feature is Group chatting.
  • Another feature allows sharing documents with members of a group.

I had written about Facebook collaborating with Skype. Such new innovative ways to create small groups of friends can a real asset with Skype integration if it ever happens.

So do you think New groups with Facebook will help with privacy? Do drop in your views and experiences through your comments.

Link: Facebook Groups