Firefox 3.5 – Two times faster than 3.0, Ten times faster than 2.0!

Firefox 3.5Mozilla released Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate 2, which you can download from Mozilla’s Web site. Release Candidate 2 is the first version of Firefox 3.5 that average users might want to run, since it’s faster and more stable than the beta versions were.

Firefox 3.5 boasts a number of significant changes – ranging from new ways to work with the browser features to under-the-hood improvements that Mozilla developers say will make the browser more than twice as fast as Firefox 3 and ten times faster than 2.0 (based on the results of a SunSpider test of JavaScript performance on a Windows XP machine).

Here are some of the new features you’ll find in Firefox 3.5.

What’s new in Firefox 3.5 (Release Candidate 2)

Firefox 3.5 (Release Candidate) is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering platform, which has been under development for the past year. Firefox 3.5 offers many changes over the previous version, supporting new web technologies, improving performance and ease of use, and adding new features for users:

Mozilla provides Firefox 3.5 (Release Candidate) for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X in a variety of languages. You can get the latest version of Firefox 3.5 (Release Candidate) here.


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