Google and itโ€™s April Fools Day announcements

If you are following Google and their blogs for latest announcements then you might have read some incredulous news about Google and its products like Google changing its name and having a text only You Tube editor. I just thought I would review all the 1st April jokes Google is pulling off through its services.

#1. Google changing its name to Topeka

Google announced in its official blog that it was changing its name to Topeka. What was incredible was the reason it gave. It claims that Topeka a town in Kansas renamed itself Google. So to return the favor Google decided to rename itself after much deliberations as Topeka.

So if this is not a April fools joke, then we might have to say ‘Topeka it’ instead of ‘Google It’. ๐Ÿ˜›

#2. Save money for You Tube with text based video

This April fools joke is quite funny considering Google introduced a You Tube format called Text P with the caption that every time someone uses TEXTp mode it saves You Tube $1 per second of viewing. ๐Ÿ˜€

It follows up with wishing all a happy April fools day. (see image below)

Try this one today by viewing a You Tube video and selecting TEXTp format.

#3. New Google Wave Notification options

Google announced new options with Wave Notifications through its blog. I was a little preplexed considering only a few weeks ago they had announced new notification options which I had written about. On reading a bit closely it was apparent that Wave team was celebrating April fools day. It gives you the option of how loud you want the notification to be!

Here is the April fools day video for Wave notification that explains more in detail.

Do you know of any more innovative ways for celebrating April Fools day? You might be interesting in reading 5 original April fool ideas of bloggers.

Do drop in your comments and wishing you a happy April fools day.

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