Google to Redirect Blogspot Hosted Blogs to Country Specific Domains

If you are living in India and have a blog on Blogspot, this might interest you. Google is redirecting all blogspot blogs from to

This is not for only blogs from India, but all blogs that are looked up from an IP address in India. While if you are using your own personal domain hosted on Blogspot, your domain name will remain the same.

For example that Google’s official blog which has the original URL as

but for Indian users, it shows up as

Why is Google re-directing Blogspot blogs?

Well Twitter has decided to censor tweets based on country specific basis, so that they can conform to local laws regarding content. Google is doing pretty much the same thing.

As Google explains in the this support forum, it is trying to conform to local law agency suggestions on taking down or blocking certain content at the same time keeping it online otherwise.

For example, if a URL is deemed offensive in India and the court orders Google to remove it, it can block the link for Indian readers but it would still be available from other countries.

Will it affect Google Page Rank or search rankings?

I tried to run a Google search for .in domain of Google’s official page. The query I entered was

**“site:” **

******and it returned no results. So I guess we are not going to see two separate URLs for the same content showing up in the link.

Google will probably (hopefully) make sure that it does not affect many blogs and the search juice they get.

Would love to get your views in comments about Google new move for Blogspot. Do drop in your comments.

*(via Google System)

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