Google Talk, Lab Edition – More Disappointment, Less To Cheer About!

Google Talk, Lab Edition

(Image Source: Google Talk)

Google Talk, Lab Edition is an experimental release from Google that brings feature of Google Talk online gadget into Google Talk desktop client.

The overall list of features is quite surprising. A number of prominent features are missing at the cost of not so important feature!

Here is the list of features this Lab Edition comes with…

Here is the list of missing features…

Forget invisible status option as we can use gAlwaysIdle for that, but ability to hide offline friends is must have, as with ~3000 contact in my Gmail list, finding online buddies is a though job!

What caught my eyes is simple **settings **pane. Of course it need to be made a little complex to incorporate missing features in next release…

Google Talk, Lab Edition - Settings

Overall its little slow and missing feature list is a big disappointment! :-(

Anyway if you want to give it a try its here.

**Link: **Google Talk, Lab Edition (via Tech-Buzz)

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