What is behind Google’s Unified Design Theory!

If you have noticed Google recently, you should have noticed the new interface for almost all products.  The interesting part is that all the interface looks very similar to Google plus interface. Google is investing heavily in Google Plus to drive growth in its future on the web.  They have big plans for it.

The first re-design that took place was the black menu bar at the top of all its products.

Take a look at the Google plus interface. The tab that you are visiting is show in ‘Red’. Other significant options are highlighted with ‘Red’ prominent buttons.

Google Search Layout

Updating Google search interface is not something new.  Google repeatedly updates its search interface making the searching easier and more efficient for users.  However the latest update, unifies with Google plus.  Nothing more than that. Take a look at the screenshot.

New Google search interface

New Google search interface

 Google News:

New and updated Google news U.S edition interface

New edition is cleaner than the previous one.  If you have noticed closely, multimedia contents are more discoverable in this new one.

Google Docs

Google added an option to switch to new interface. However  you can revert back to classic interface, if you don’t like it.

Google Docs new interface

Google Docs new interface

This new layout also stays consistent with Google Plus.


Google had added the Google plus theme to Gmail Theme library.  You can enable it by visiting themes in settings and selecting ‘Preview’ and ‘Preview(Dense)’.  Unlike other products, I like new gmail look.  It appears less cluttered and more effective.

Gmail new interface

Gmail new interface

You can read more about that here

Google Books:

Google Books has also got its Google Plus like design update.

Google Books new interface

Google Books new interface

More white spaces now and less space for books, which I feel is not user friendly.

What is behind this unified design theory?

But unfortunately Google products does lose its unique look and some people might get tired of the uniformed design across all Google services.

What are your views on Google’s new design layouts for all its services and products? Do drop in your comments.

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