How to Cut Object Image from the Picture with Photoshop

In this post we see how to cut an object image from the any picture image. There are many different ways to cutout an image in Photoshop.

Some tools are Lasso Tool or Magic Wand Tool. Here in this post I will show how to use the Pen Tool for cutting out the image. We can cut the image very quickly and cleanly by using the Pen Tool as compared to other cutting tools in Photoshop. This method is very useful to create rounded curves.

Here I have this Image for our tutorial. Now we are going to cut out this person’s  image from the full image.

  • First of all go to Tool bar and select the Pen Tool.
  • Right click on it and you can see this tool palate.

  • When you select Pen Tool you can see Pen Tool properties at the top.
  • Select the Paths option for getting paths on the image. (see image below)

  • Select around the Object Image using the Pen Tool as shown in the image below.

  • Selection should go around image object we want to cut out as shown in the image below.

  • When we complete image selection just press Ctrl+Enter to join the two points of the selection.
  • Now we have selected the background image here to be cut out.

  • Now its time to remove background image. Just click on  Select >> Modify >> Feather as shown below.

  • Here I have taken Feather Radius value – 1 pixel. This is basically to make the image soft.

  • After selecting feather Radius Value, delete the selected image part.

Here is the final image.

This way in a quick few steps I have managed to cut out a part of an image or cut out the background form an image. Do you have any more suggestions or tips? Do share them with your comments.

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