How to save Bing’s Background Image

Bing, as we know, is slowly increasing their user base. Whether the reason is its novelty or usefulness is a different debate altogether. But one of the interesting features in Bing is the background image that appears on the main page. It gets changed daily, and contains information about the place in the image too.  But there isn’t any way to download the image to our computer directly. We cannot save the image by using right click -> Save Image As. So here’s the trick. First of all we’ll need Firefox. Now open Bing in it and follow the steps:

  • Go to Tools
  • tools

  • Now click on Page Info
  • In the new pop-up that opened, click on the Media tab.
  • Media

  • Now search for the image. Just click on any link, and you will get the preview of it at the bottom. [Hint: The link to the background image will mostly be the longest one.]
  • Now just select the Save As.. button at the bottom right corner of the window. Your Done!

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12 Replies to “How to save Bing’s Background Image”

  1. Disable javascript in your browser and you’ll be able to do right-click as usual. Once done saving the image, re-enable Javascript. Simple, isn’t it 🙂

  2. This process can be performed to save orkut album photos, flickr photos and to download contents from sites which disabled right click. Other methods are disabling JavaScript and the easiest one is drag and drop.

  3. @Abhishek Kumar, @sauravjit and @VISHAL
    Sorry I didn’t know there was such a simple method, Sorry! But like Devi Mahapatra said this can be used for many other sites.

    Thanks for pinpointing the error. I will notify the admin.

  4. yup, this can be used for other sites also, browser itself does not disable right-click, some sights disable it(eg / add functionality to it(eg new Yahoo Mail) using JavaScript. So if you disable JavaScript itself in your browser, none of this disabling or feature enhancement would happen and default behavior of right-click would prevail.

  5. Yup, right click and view background always works…. you can also simply drag and drop the wallpaper to another tab and it automatically opens the bing background image 🙂

    anyways… thanks for sharing

  6. This is a great tip, made necessary by the latest version of FF disabling the shorter way some commenters offer. Thank you for sharing it!

  7. Nice piece of Software! The next step of Bing will be to make Windows 7 themes! However, as someone lese said, it is sufficent to turn off javascript right-click and you are done!

  8. There are simple methods to save an image (but it’s a PIA to have to disable JS and re-enable it), but I wanted to save the animation, this let me get the OGV animation file easily without messing with the browser settings – Bing has had some awesome animations but today’s chameleon I had to save 🙂

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