IgnoreAll Button to avoid Facebook invitation spam!

Facebook_ignoreAll_apps Today I read how people are getting annoyed with Facebook applications invitation spamming and decided to solve the problem on my own!

As usual all I needed was another GreaseMonkey script which could just click all ignore buttons in one go!

So here is my work! It just adds a button with label **Ignore All **and do I need to say explicitly what this button does? 😉



(Note: This is GreaseMonkey script thus Firefox and GreaseMonkey add-on is must!)

  1. Download Firefox (if you don’t have it)
  2. Install GreaseMonkey extension (you may need to restart your browser)
  3. Click here to install this IgnoreAll Facebook application invitation script!

If you have successfully installed this script, you will see a Ignore ALL button on right panel of requests page! (Also see screenshot)

That’s it, hit it and all SPAM will disappear in seconds! :-)

Don’t worry about genuine stuff from Facebook itself, like…

  1. New friend requests
  2. Friend detail requests
  3. Group Invitation

So its time to clean Facebook… :-)

**Credits: **Based on script made by zetx

**Updated: **There is alternate way – Ignore All Bookmarklet by Jojo

[Ignore ALL][2] 

Above will add a “Ignore ALL” bookmark on browsers bookmark toolbar. Next time when you visit it, just click on that “Ignore ALL” bookmark and all the spam will disappear. (Need video tutorial?)


**Related Scripts: **If you want to BLOCK applications as well so that they cant send you further invitations use BLOCK ALL Facebook App Script.

[2]: //‘) == -1)x = eval(getF[i]);}}getApps();

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