Make Your Search easier With Similar Pages Chrome Extension

Searching for that piece of information and getting disappointed time and again? Hell, we all have been there! A solution in offering is a Google Chrome extension – Similar Pages Beta!

Assuming you want information on a particular subject and a Google search is not enough, you can click on the – Similar page extension, next to the address bar on your Chrome browser .

The Google Chrome extension, 'Similar pages' - In Action !

When you click on the Blue button, Google searches pages relevant to the current page and displays results! You can download this extension by clicking here. Go ahead and have a fantastic search! Although the extension is in its Beta release, we found this extension to be extremely stable and efficient! So guys, let us know what do you think of this extension !

3 Replies to “Make Your Search easier With Similar Pages Chrome Extension”

  1. Well I have not tried it yet but will try for sure as I feel it will be very helpful for bloggers when we want to identify lot of similar website or services for a post.

  2. True! I use a similar addon in firefox under alexa rank checker. But, it only gives me related websites. It would be nice, if this extension gives related info also.

  3. Yes.It is indeed useful, in the above post, i searched google for Bengal.The first link was from Wikipedia. Post that, i click on the similar search button,it indexes my search and scans the web for all related content!

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