Monitor energy consumed for computers using Joulemeter

Joulemeter is a new application from Microsoft to monitor the consumption of power in computers. This application was released by Microsoft on 19 May 2010 and is currently in alpha-test state.

About Joulemeter


The approximate statistics of power being consumed is calculated in watts (W) and the total energy consumed in calculated in kilowatt-hours (kWh). 1 kWh is commonly referred as 1 unit of energy. It is the same unit as read on the energy meters at home. As you can see in the screen-shot, using my laptop for 48 hours cost me about 1 unit of energy. Read more on calculation of energy consumption at

Joulemeter is handy and consumes very less memory. It gives the basic idea of power consumption in computers. A few and old energy saving tips can be found here.

**Links: Download Joulemeter | **Joulemeter Project

Hope this application would help you estimate the cost of running the computer. Do share your views on Joulemeter here.

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