MyToday – Free RSS Feed to SMS / Email Service!

MyToday SMS -LOGOMyToday offers RSS Feed updates via Email / SMS. The SMS updates are limited to Indian cellphone users. The service is free, so do not expect instant updates.

I read this first on Pavan’s blog. Being online around the clock, personally I don’t need a service like this. But tested it on request of few orkutfeeds users and so posting how I used it!

Following is with reference to mobile version of MyToday…

#Register with MyToday (Its free)

  • To register, sms REG to 098452 98452. Only for Indian cellphone users.
  • They send back a password to the mobile.

#Login to MyToday

  • Use your mobile number and password to login.

For convenience, your all setting at MyToday can be reached from My World Link.

#Adding a RSS Feed

  1. Go to My World >> feeds >> manage feeds option. [Direct Link]
  2. You will see a list of folders there as well as option to create a new one. For time being select SMS. [Direct Link]
  3. Now put anything in Name, enter feed URL and check Send SMS option and click create. Thats it!

Adding a feed to MyToday

You can add as many feeds you want. But only time I received updates is around 10PM IST. So I guess they check all feeds only once per day!

#Useful MyToday Link –

  • MyAccount – You can add email address/ change password and perform other tasks.
  • Sitemap – In case you want to explore more!

Link: MyToday [via TechPavan]

34 Replies to “MyToday – Free RSS Feed to SMS / Email Service!”

  1. Nice one! I have added feeds to comments on my blog, and I do get a couple of SMSes per day… Although, did you try adding feeds for your Scrapbook as mentioned in many other blogs like OrkutPLus and TechPavan? When I tried to do as they mentioned, I keep getting the following error:

    *Could not add to feeds: Feed not supported* 🙁

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  4. If the time lag could be reduced..
    using this with orkutfeeds would be soo nice..

    but.. as for now.. its sad that you get sms after soo long times, that it is practically useless.

  5. idea
    not working for me
    its comin as feed not supported wen i pasted my orkut scrap book page URL
    wat 2 do now

    1. @rajesh
      You must have pasted some invalid feed urls…
      Check it again.. FYI 1 more thing..
      though they would accept your request, they won’t deliver feeds by SMS.. so forget Mytoday’s feed by SMS service

  6. @rajesh
    Because of overload on their server, Mytoday discontinued this service without ny official notice 🙁

    But you need not worry.. I’ve discovered another trick for getting scraps on mobile. Check this post

  7. thanks
    ya now i have registered for google sms channels
    let me how effective it is to receive orkut scraps.

  8. Hi,

    From the date of 05/02/2009 to till date not receiving the Quran & Hadees messages(My today)on my number 9986903424.Please do the needful.



    1. @Abdul
      MyToday have limit on no. of free SMS.
      You might have reached that limit earlier this month.

  9. i was registered in mytoday.i am also recieving the password..where to login…and which url to open..mytoday login..

  10. Is there any difference between mytoday n google sms channel? I use google sms channel in my blog . Delivery in that also is slow. So i was just searching for similar good service. But my today’s reviews are also not good. You know any other service? Can i send feeds via sms gupshup?

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