BSNL offering Unlimited 3G Data Plans at Rs.700!

If you are one of those Internet users with high data usage but always end-up getting disappointed due to low speeds or your ISP banning your account every time because of the Fair Usage monster, then it is time you must look at what the telecom giant BSNL has to offer from its pocket…

DW bsnl3g4

BSNL has recently introduced three nation-wide Unlimited 3G Data Plans which caught my attention. All plans are available in both Postpaid as well Prepaid methods:

Rs. 700 per month

Condition – Pay Rs. 4200 at one-go (advance in case of Postpaid) and enjoy a validity of 6 months.

Rs. 833 per month

Condition – Pay Rs. 2500 at one-go (advance in case of Postpaid) and enjoy a validity of 3 months.

Rs. 1000 per month

Condition – Pay Rs. 2000 at one-go (advance in case of Postpaid) and enjoy a validity of 2 months.

DW bsnl3g1

Data Card Offer

BSNL is even offering its 3G Data Cards as per the following:

Rs. 2500 Rs. 2000

This Data card offer speeds upto 3.6 Mbps

Rs. 3000 Rs. 2500

This Data card offer speeds upto 7.2 Mbps

DW bsnl3g2

Factual Data

  • Presently BSNL offers 3G services in 675 cities/towns across India.
  • Speed offered ranges between 3.6 Mbps and 7.2 Mbps (depends on location).
  • Plans to offer speeds upto 21.1 Mbps (not less than 14.2 Mbps) by 31st March for pan-India users. The speed shall be upgraded in a phased manner beginning with Pune & Ahmedabad.
  • National Roaming is free with the above plans.
  • The above plans are promotional in nature and are valid for registration only till 29th January, 2011. Any extension to the promotion would be announced by BSNL as per rules.

DW bsnl3g3

If you are aware of any better data plans do share them through your comments. :)

LINK: BSNL 3G Promotion

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  2. hey Ankit.Thanks for posting these data this can be used in PC too right?not just for mobiles.i got a unlimited data plan now[512kbps].these 3g data plans seem pretty you think i should switch?

    • These plans are available for Data cards and ofcourse for your Laptop/PC. The plan [512kbps] are probably old ones and available under the broadband section.
      Try to get information about 3G plans from your local BSNL exchange. I think even using a 3G mobile phone Sim, you can access Internet on your PC, however your Mobile phone speed [model speed] is usually not more than 10.2Mbps. Which mobile phone do you carry?

  3. Soumendra Mukherjee January 6, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    Where from may buy the BSNL 3G Data Card in West Bengal (Bankura district)???????

  4. Great plans hope to get few plans from mtnl as well,always looking for more speed plans unfortunately in delhi we dont have any plan greater than 1 mbps

  5. yup that they declared on news paper as well but cud be a trick behind upto this much as its a magic word and in 1 mbps with a dwld speed of 129kbps my monthly usage is near 50gb so incase they give more speed den limt is 100 gb that wud fnish up in near about 10 days so still waiting a good plan in india

    airtel has a good one of 4 mbps in around 2k but still 50 gb is there after that its 256 lolz

    • Well BSNL has not announced or mentioned any FUP (Fair-usage policy) for the 3G data card. Moreover you need to think beyond 2G technology now as 3G is the future. I can understand in India we still think 50GB too be very high, so start thinking beyond the context of 2G now.

  6. @dude you dint get my post wot i wrote above offcourse we need to move with technology and after 3g surely wud be 4g but u dint get what i tried to explain

  7. I am using the BSNL Broadband Internet (750Rs/month – 512kbps – Unlimited) These plans looks great. My question is, will I get upto 3.6Mbps unlimited 3G internet for just 700Rs/month??? That sounds too good to be true. Can you confirm the speed to be 3.6Mbps??

    • It will be even more than 3.6 Mbps. For now, BSNL has kept its 3G speeds upto 7.2 Mbps, however by April 2011, speeds will go upto 21.1 Mbps also. And yes ofcourse, as per the present promotion, BSNL is offering 6 months unlimited for Rs. 4200. Go to your nearest BSNL centre and find out.

  8. @ ankit
    well u r rite that bsnl has nt mensioned any FUP.. bt i guess der is a FUP . i had rechargd unlimited plan .i was geting 3.6mbps(ie 450kBps max ,avg 300kBps) and the next it was decreased 2 30-40kBps.even my friendwas sayin dat his also speed is decreased after around usage of 10-12gB. even i guess mine speed was limited after usage of 10-12gB :(

  9. hey i have bsnl tower abt 400mtr from my home. what u think will be downloading speed and browsing speed?
    are u sure that its 700/mnth?

    • Well I am not very sure in that aspect, however logically it should give you good connectivity. Yes it is Rs. 700 month under the promotional plan!

      • Hi

        but what after the promotional plan 180 days limit gets over?
        can i again recharge it with Rs/-4200 for next 180 days? or i have to switch back to normal plan effective then?

        Pl. reply it is very urgent

  10. Hi,
    Currently BSNL unlimited rs 700/month has been ended, is there any plan which have unlimited internet access except rS 1500/ month.
    Actually i am using Micromax 3G data card i think this device having facility to insert others GSm data Sim and use the internet is is possible any one used this .
    Please let me know ASAP.This will be great favour to me.

  11. @Chintan: I am really sorry but I am not aware if BSNL shall extend this plan or not. You need to visit your nearest Customer care center to confirm this. I know at times BSNL people are too slow and on their website nowhere it is mentioned.

    @Tarakant: Companies like Docomo and BSNL/MTNL are out with their tariff plans in various circles, however other companies are not making it that clear. Though I recently saw a promotional paper from Vodafone offering 1 GB limit for Rs. 149. Other plans are not that mentioned anywhere. Docomo is very costly at this moment.

    I would like to suggest you to wait for atleast 3 months before taking up any plan in 3G as the competition will boost up.

  12. hi friends…….i have recently bought the bsnl 3g 7.2 mbps data card……..with rs 51 i got 1 week unlimited n rest 53 days 2gb……..i wanted to knw if i recharge after the first week again with 51 will i get the next week unlimited…….then it will be like 204/month……

  13. Dont Take Bsnl 3G Data card(malappuram), they are cheating us
    3.6 Mb=200kb(Malappuram), 3.6Mb=50Kb (Kondotty) with Full range
    i am using 3g Data Card for 1 month near kondotty Exchange

  14. u must be getting 2g speeds….check ur signal for UMTS and HSPDA……..or try using the device in different ports…..bocz some ports are ment for high speed transfer

  15. i am using bsnl 3g promotional offer from jan 2011 for a validation of 3 months..initially speed goes from 350 to 430 kbps and downloaded nearly 400GB.And past three days i am getting 130 kbps,thought is problem with network and find out bsnl is capping speed with unlimited users.
    called customer care and talk about de problem u have not having speed cap or nothing.bsnl never mentioned any FUP with these schemes.
    i have used another sim with ordinary 3g plan it goes 430 kbps tops.any ideas …//

    • Most probably this is a Speed cap only. BSNL’s customer care people are not so intelligent to even understand about Speed cap issues. It is not supposed to be a network problem at all.

  16. now here is the worst Nightmare come true. I had taken the 6 months Unlimited promotional plan for 4200 rupees from BNSL in Bnagalore. now its almost 3 months over and I used to download big time. Yesterday I got a courier from BSNL with an invoice of 15000 ruppes I have to pay for the data transfer I have done. This is redeculous and ho can BSNL cheat customers like this. There was no fair usage policy or whatever in this Unlimited plan, but the bill now states that Unlimited has only 15 GB covered in it. NOw I know BSNL can cheat big time

    • hi…i too received a bill for Rs.48,798…I ve not received any official information through post or by sms about plan … they just switched me to normal plan from my existing 4200 UL plan for 6 months..
      Worst management and accounting…
      People in BSNL office are also speaking against this new TRAI policy… I wrote a complaint letter..They said the issue will be solved soon…Many have charged above 1 lakh…

  17. I have planned to get airtel broadband for my home. But from airtel they said that the maximum connection count has got over in my they cannot provide connection for me. So tell me other good choices for high speed unlimited data plans. Can I go for bsnl?

  18. Hi guys i am using 3.6 mbps data card but now in june there in not any unlimited prepaid plan in bsnl 3g

  19. its still worthless…..bsnl landline broadband is cheaper than 3G

  20. I dont think Bsnl is providing Unlimited 3g download for 7.2 Mbps (7.2 mega bits=921.6 kilo bytes per second ~ approximately 1 mega bytes per second ) In my region I have bsnl 3g tower 300 Meters distance and m from kerala and I get a speed peak 6.8 Mbps but M dam sure that It is not unlimited they have fair usage policy (that may be around 10GB )which is really low to me and it get exausted for me in 1 day (when i download latest movies and games from torrent )After that it become 256 kilo bits per sec=32 kilo byte per sec this speed really sucks …
    If they do not have fair usage policy then they should have removed the restriction of 6 GB FUP For Bsnl broadband connection which also cost around 750 Rs (m not sure about the price) Their speed also chapps to 30 kbps after fup …..Hoping for the time when they provide every thing unlimited removing FUP……….. :)

  21. 3rd class network. Indoor coverage problem. Downloading speed only 2 kbps after recherging 251.00. 3G pack. All time network problem. What the hell is going on?

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