Turn image verification (captcha) OFF on facebook!

Facebook LogoIf you are new on facebook and having problem with its security captcha i.e. image verification!

In simple words if you noticed words in the box as images while poking, messaging, or sending friend requests this is time to get rid off all this permanently as facebook now supports international phone numbers for verification.

You can verify your account by confirming your mobile phone number!

Just follow the above link and all you will need to do is selecting your country from drop-down menu and typing your mobile number! Just note don’t add country code or any of the special character like ‘-’ (hypen) to your number.

After this press confirm and you will be redirected to next page as well you will get a SMS on your mobile! In my case SMS took around 1 minute after clicking confirm so just wait for few minutes before pressing back button of your browser.

Once you get SMS put it on the screen waiting for you and you will be done!

Thats so simple!!! So don’t go away from facebook for its annoying image verification on each move! ;-)

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  1. Doesn’t work for South Korea. It’s listed, but it doesn’t work.

  2. @Rahul Bansal
    Doesn’t work for Israel either

  3. what if you dont HAVE a cell phone!!

  4. Notification by facebook.. “We are unable to post to 5 digit captcha code” Why so? :(

  5. This is ridicolous, i did the verification SMS ages ago and in these days it started asking me again for captchas.

  6. I hate this system, i have no phone, and my friends wont trust me with theirs since i kinda broke one of them XD.

  7. this not work to mexico too. Are there any software to avoid the captcha?

  8. I Have Already Verified My Account…But I Still Have 2 Type In The CAPTCHA Everytime I Add Som1…….Wht Do I DO ????????

  9. I need to enter the captcha even when my account is verified. this started happening when I changed my mobile number. Any ideas?

  10. I clicked the link and the collowing msg poopped up: ‘Your mobile phone has been successfully verified.’ What the matter whith my account, I don’t use it to post viagra ads or hisbollah videos with it…

  11. same here @Ashfame got to recode my verification it was gone for a day and now its back again…

  12. I verified my account with my UK mobile number, and it still won’t disappear!

  13. Same here! Account is verified but the captcha’s won’t go away. Does anybody have a solution?!

  14. I verified my account on both , myspace & facebook and still get captchad on both!

  15. Facebook has increased the security level … no solution now…

  16. so they just cell phone number harvesting. seems evil to me, doesnt work from new zealand either

  17. Thanks dude, Its working.

  18. I’m facing a seriously annoying problem like this on facebook, the thing is I use facebook to play games like mafia wars, dragon age and i happen to have a lot of people on my friend list from around the world(for the sake of the games of course).
    Now when i try to login to fb from home or any other place it says that i’m from an unfamiliar location and i have to verify my account by identifying my friends from their photo albums.
    Now i can’t possibly know who’s who from my 500+ friends!…
    sure its for security purposes but for me who uses fb mainly for these games its a real annoyance…
    is there any way to turn it off?…

  19. I am getting that my mobile no. is verified but I am in trouble from few days while posting links on my own page.

  20. my account is verified on facebook but still while sharing links on wall i have to pass through word verification…hw can i remove this…pls reply

  21. The new Facebook sucks badly!!!

  22. I’m in Australia. My phone number is verified. I read above that someone said that FB has increased their security and there is no way around it. I run 80% of my business via FB but if I am getting 3 or 4 errored captchas PER photo that I upload, theres one less page for them! Has anybody found any solutions?

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