It’s Official! Apple has defeated Microsoft

Last year, Apple overtook Microsoft’s market capitalization. This mean Apple was now a the larger company when it came to stock prices. Microsoft at that time had higher revenues but Apple in a few months had even overtaken those revenues.


Microsoft could boast that they had higher profits but even that claim has taken a tumble.

Apple recently posted profit of $5.99 billion and Microsoft in the same time has posted a profit of $5.23 billion. Apple has a commanding lead of $760 million.

What is going wrong with Microsoft?

At the moment, I think Microsoft is still recovering from neglect. It underestimated open-source and the internet in general. This has made it not much of a competitor when it comes to dominating certain tech categories.

Apple is a hardware company, and when it stopped trying to compete with Microsoft which is a software company it has realised how to go about unleashing its innovative products.

Thankfully, Microsoft is back to concentrating in their traditional strong areas, that is be a software company.

Even though Apple is a very successful company, they still might make the same mistakes of trying to compete with Android in the future. It could be a battle similar to PC vs MAC all over again, except Android is open-sourced and free.

What are your views? Will this rise of Apple continue? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Business Insider

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