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I just received the Electricity Bill for my apartment this month and it was a considerably high amount than what it used to be. I immediately checked the “Units consumed” section on the bill and I could not understand that number’s history. So I decided to see online if there is any tool available to calculate my Monthly units consumption in units, as usually all such calculators display the consumption in kWh and writes a line at the bottom of the page – “Find out the per kWh cost from your local Electricity company”. Now if we had to do all that, why will we be looking for information on the Internet.

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I found out a Bill Calculator today which is available to calculate the Electricity consumption in Units. The calculator takes inputs in 6 pages as follows:

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The Result Page!

So now after long list of specifications and selections, we get our result in Units per month. I can even give you a tip to calculate your bill using the data from your last received bill. In the last bill, just see the section where you Usage charges are mentioned. Don’t combine the Fixed and other charges. Divide this amount (usage charges) with the number of units in the then bill and you can have a general idea about the per unit charges prevalent in your area.

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Do post your comments if you know of any other online calculator for Electricity consumption, find something relevant to India and even put your suggestions whether such topics are of any interest to you. I would be glad to hear from you all.

Link: Online Electricity Calculator

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