[Online Tool] Check if Your LinkedIn Password was Leaked!

LinkedIn had a security breach yesterday which led to more than 6 million passwords being leaked.┬áLinkedIn’s response to be honest was initially quite slow and guarded.

At such times usually it is better for a company to over-communicate rather than stay quite. Finally they have confirmed that about 6.5 million passwords were leaked from their website. These were hashed passwords, meaning they were encrypted. (Read more about it here)

There is an online tool called LeakedIn which allows users to find out if their passwords is among the 6.5 million leaked ones.

Just type in your password and click on ‘Check’ button. If you password was among the unfortunate ones, it will display that your password was leaked and cracked.

Whatever the outcome, it still is a good idea to change your password of your LinkedIn account. Also if you are using the same password somewhere else, change it to be on the safe side.

Password Tips!

Internet users often under-estimate the necessity of creating strong passwords and also changing them frequently. Here are some related articles that could help keep your passwords safe.

If you have doubts about your LinkedIn password do try out LeakedIn tool and drop in your comments.

Link: LeakedIn Checker

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